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Are you at the Loom Bands party?

Mark Fletcher
April 1st, 2014 · 3 Comments

loombandsIf you have never heard of Loom Bands or are just considering stocking this product now you’re coming late to a craze than has been hot for months. Kids, especially young girls, love these things. We have been selling them since last year and have struggled to maintain stock – especially when the craze hits a new school. You can tell based on th wave of new shoppers.

If you are coming new to Loom Bands, be careful as interest will wane. You want that to occur when you’re almost out of stock. But, hey, what do I know. I thought YoYos would never come back.

We are stocking expecting to get a few months more out of the craze so by mid year we will reassess our stock plans.


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  • 1 Bruce // Apr 1, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    I would love to know when the craze will cease. All the retailers in my area have had trouble keeping up enough stocks. I too have underestimated how many we could sell. It is GREAT. However I wonder how it will go when all the big shops get their stocks back in. I really love this aspect of retailing. Thrill seeker I am.


  • 2 Mark Fletcher // Apr 1, 2014 at 8:40 AM

    Bruce it’s like gambling. Knowing when to walk is the key.


  • 3 Allan Wickham // Apr 1, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    These things are nothing short of amazing. Even if the fad did dry up we have sold plenty at good margin to absorb any slower sales. It was interesting to hear from a few visiting reps from out of town that hadn’t heard of the craze in their area, so based on that I think they will be around for a while yet. I might just ad to the “little girl” comment by saying I was very surprised how many teenage boys have been buying these things. My own soon to be 13 year old madea treble clef symbol and sold it to his high school music teacher for $4.50 and has since been taking orders from other students. His Mum has tried to explain about “paying his supplier” for the stock…..good luck with that Mrs Wickham….lol!


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