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Another newspaper stand

Mark Fletcher
April 8th, 2014 · 3 Comments

newspaperstand2Further to my recent posts here and here about newspaper stands, check out what I saw Sunday at New York’s La Guardia airport. While it does not hold a lot of stock, you could place your top selling daily at the bottom and the others in the pockets above. The stand is sturdy so there would be no problem jamming the pockets.

This stand is easily moved – allowing us to keep the newspaper pitch fresh to regulars.

Since it is slim it could work right at the counter, driving impulse purchases of newspapers.  In fact, I could see two of these stands being useful in different locations in-store.

The days of the boat anchor newspaper stand newsagents were forced by publishers to use under threat of receiving a default notice are over thankfully. What we need now is an efficient newspaper stand that serves our businesses and our customers without giving up too much space and without one publisher dominating.

Getting the right stand could help some newsagents become more engaged with the newspaper category.

I like this stand I saw Sunday a lot. Unfortunately, the people I spoke with did not know the supplier – but I’m doing some research.


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