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Why join a newsagency marketing group?

Mark Fletcher
April 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment

I plan to write each day this week about newsagency marketing / franchise groups, to encourage newsagents to engage with the opportunities they present.

Regulars here would know I am a shareholder in and Director of newsXpress. Prior to that I was a member of Nextra and a shareholder in my later years with them following a capital raising. Prior to that my newsagency was a member of Newspower.

The posts this week will not seek to guide newsagents to or from any specific newsagency marketing group. They will provide information that stands up to scrutiny as being fair, balanced and of value to individual newsagents.

Today’s question / topic is: Why join a newsagency marketing group?

The only reason that matters is the commercial reason – that by being a member of a newsagency marketing group, paying their fees and engaging with their advice and the commercial opportunities they present your business will benefit commercially.

Newsagents join a newsagency marketing group to profit.

Yes, some will join to connect with friends but this is not a good reason. Others will join a reason because they think just by wing in a group life will be easier. This is not a good reason. Some will join to get access to a single supplier deal. This is not a good reason.

No newsagency is too big or too small to benefit from being part of a group. Size itself should not be a consideration.

The only reason that really matters is to join a newsagency marketing group so your business profits. This then sets the tone and objective for engagement.

The real value of newsagency marketing group membership comes from active engagement with all they offer. A good group will offer product deals, marketing opportunities, special buying opportunities, retail advice, lease advice and more. Combined, these services and deals are what will make you money if you engage.

The right group embraced with the right engagement will do more for your business than you could achieve by yourself. This is why newsagents should join a newsagency marketing group.


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  • 1 Amanda // Apr 25, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    Good article Mark.


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