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Sunday newsagency marketing tip: who buys this?

Mark Fletcher
May 18th, 2014 · No Comments

plushplushEvery time you place a product on your shop floor or on your shelves you have to step back, look at the placement and ask who WHO BUYS THIS? Once you have your answer, look at what else is placed with the product and ask the same question.

If you place items next to each other that attract different shoppers you may be holding back from what you could achieve with better placement. Okay, there is an opportunity to argue that this type of competitive placement gets products seen by people who would not usually see them. I can agree with that. However, I prefer to place products that appeal to the same shopper together – to create a more compelling display targeting that shopper. I prefer to zone the shop for destination shopping.

In every department I do this: magazines, stationery, gifts, plush – much the same way as the card companies do it when they plan your card department. They do it for a reason, they deliberately place products next to each other. Why do it in the rest of your newsagency?

Deliberately and thoughtfully place products on the floor or on shelves taking care to place them with other products that appeal to the same shopper and I expect you will help drive an increase in sales.

Your newsagency software can help by reporting what sells with what. I often look here for ideas on ideal product adjacencies.

The photo shows a deliberate placement move at the front of the newsagency this weekend – the new Itty Bitty plush stand from Hallmark next to another plush stand and behind that another plush stand – all in a line. They all attract the same shopper. $500 in sales yesterday from the three stands tells me the placement is right.


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