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Weekly magazine sales continue to grow in May

Mark Fletcher
May 18th, 2014 · 1 Comment

mscmay2014Further to my post yesterday commenting on the January – March magazine audit result, I checked my numbers for May so far – weekly magazine unit sales are up 11% for the first 16 days of May compared to the same period a year earlier. Click on the image and see the data for yourself. I’m posting it here to encourage other newsagents to chase growth. I’m achieving this with no additional promotion except for a consistent customer service loyalty offering.

Newsagents can grow magazine sales.


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  • 1 June // May 19, 2014 at 12:23 PM

    Mark I did the same report and my w/weeklies are up by 22%.
    I haven’t used this report to isolate anything before (I use it all the time to compare months or years) and it is an excellent report. Tom is busily analyzing it to see if we have given too many pockets to certain categories e.g. kids and music.

    I don’t use any loyalty rewards but Tom is quite obsessive about relaying. He does it so much that I can’t find stuff sometimes and have to call him and ask him where he’s putting it.
    Crosswords are up by 42% which is prettty much proof that my demographic (slowly changing as old people like me sell their larger homes and downsize) is old
    people who do crosswords to stop dementia?????.
    It is the proof to our suppliers when we are oversupplied for product which doesn’t sell and I am going to use it as a
    reference when I’m whingeing about oversupply.
    However, the Saturday Paper (31 copies)
    has sold out over the last 4 weeks that we have been getting it and that is NEW money. I am not averse $93 pw of extra
    turnover for the little effort that it takes to herald the paper to my customers and at 27% why wouldn’t we???
    It has been a winner for me.


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