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Now this is competition!

September 21st, 2015 · 19 Comments

This photo shows two convenience stores on George Street in Sydney, next to each other. What makes this direct competition even more surprising is that there are eight other convenience stores within a two minute walk of these two shops. While Sydney is busy, it feels like there are too many convenience stores. Two next […]

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Some suppliers have themselves to blame when newsagents stop offering their product

August 22nd, 2015 · 28 Comments

Reflex copy paper is regularly advertised as a brand consumers can trust yet in Coles this week you can see it discounted to below wholesale at $3.49. While the discounting may suit the Coles price positioning strategy, it does not respect the brand nor the retailers who respect the brand. Major brands that allow their […]

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Tatts scratchie game on your mobile

June 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

Tatts has launched Scratch & Match play on mobile devices. While a promotional game without cost at this stage, it demonstrates how mobile based games can be played. This is not an unexpected move by Tatts. I have written here many times that digital is the biggest threat to in-store purchases of lottery product – […]

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WH Smith taking over Knox Wild location

June 20th, 2015 · No Comments

The Wild store at Westfield Knox in Victoria, where I have a newsagency, is closing this weekend. WH Smith is reportedly taking over the location. If this is so, it will be interesting to see what they use the spot for – whether it is a Wild store refreshed or one of the other brands they […]

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Bagged Take 5 offer frustrating

June 20th, 2015 · No Comments

We early returned this bagged Take 5 offer because it requires an additional pocket and because it’s a lame offer when compared to the broader offer in Woolworths. Sending them unannounced as Bauer does makes space planning difficult – hence the decision to early return. My view is if we are to pitch magazines at […]

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Woolworths promotion of Bauer titles makes it tough for newsagents

June 19th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Here’s an example of a publisher and supermarket giant working together to devalue magazine brands in a campaign that must reduce newsagent magazine sales. The Relax & Save campaign offering two Bauer titles for $7 is an enticing offer for price conscious shoppers. The folks from Bauer will tell Connections members at their national conference soon […]

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WH Smith UK sales results reveal gap in locations

June 10th, 2015 · No Comments

One the 13 weeks to May 30, sales in WH Smith businesses grew 1%. As Marketwatch reports, the story is different for two important channels for the group: Same store sales for the company’s travel division grew 4%, while the high street division recorded a 4% fall in like-for-like sales during the 13 week period. […]

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More WH Smith locations coming?

June 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Two suppliers have mentioned that they have been told WH Smith is close to adding between 20 and 25 newsagency locations to its Australian store fleet. That is the extent of the information – so no clarity whether the new rooftops are through acquisition or store openings. Another supplier mentioned losing considerable business as a […]

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Indie musicians and small business newsagents have a lot in common

June 5th, 2015 · 2 Comments

Finding fans is tough for indie musicians as they don’t have the support of the marketing machines of massive labels to drive airplay and attract fans. Their success comes from many small steps, plenty of ‘local’ activity.  The same is true for us small business newsagents in our competition with supermarkets and others who sell […]

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The lottery challenge for SA newsagents

May 25th, 2015 · No Comments

On the Run is a strong petrol and convenience group in South Australia. Their tag line is compelling: we never close! This must be confronting for newsagents nearby to OTR outlets as they offer more newsagency lines. Their magazine range is broader than is usual for a petrol or convenience outlet. They have lotteries too. Plus […]

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WH Smith discounting magazines

May 22nd, 2015 · 2 Comments

I noticed a WH Smith store here in Australia last week discounting titles from several publishers if purchased as a bundle. I’ve not seen this before as discounting is usually only within the portfolio of a single publisher. This offer is not from a single publisher which makes me wonder if WH Smith is funding […]

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How can Coles and Officeworks defend this price difference?

May 19th, 2015 · 1 Comment

I purchased some plastic ponchos from Officeworks for 69 cents.  A couple of days later I noticed very similar ponchos at a Coles supermarket priced at $4.00 each. I can’t figure out the reason for such a price difference. Coles and Officeworks are owned by the same company. 3 likes

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WH Smith products in Whitcoulls in New Zealand

May 14th, 2015 · No Comments

While we are still to see what WH Smith will more fully look like and do in retail in Australia, in New Zealand I see plenty of WH Smith branded products available. In the Whitcoulls bookshop / newsagency businesses, for example, they are a considerable range of WH Smith products. I think this is the key […]

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Coles shift in magazine and newspaper pitch a challenge for newsagents

May 6th, 2015 · No Comments

This photo shows a new approach in a Coles supermarket to newspapers and magazines. This stand is located inside the main door with another near a rear checkout and more magazines located in their traditional magazine department. This front entrance placement serves the shopper not going deeper into the business, the type of shopper who may usually have purchased these […]

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Early returning Inside Out in the newsagency

May 6th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Each time I see Inside Out on sale at Coles for $2.00 less than the price elsewhere including newsagencies I am reminded to early return my stock. There is no point in me offering a title which is consistently discounted by the publisher in my nearest competitor. 9 likes

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Typo selling wrapping paper

May 1st, 2015 · No Comments

I noticed Typo is selling wrapping paper from the card stand they have placed at the entrance to their stores. Newsagents with a Typo store in their area ought to take a careful look not only at their cards and wrap but also at their stationery lines as this is a competitor to be reckoned […]

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Ikea in the social stationery business

April 24th, 2015 · 3 Comments

I’m not sure when this happened: Ikea is in the social stationery business in a big way with colour-themed ranges. Their offer is a bit like Smiggle for a slightly older than Smuggle age group. Their n’store display and packaging is identical to what we can see in Coles right now for similar products. 0 likes

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Checking out the Officeworks Mailman parcel delivery service

April 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Officeworks has changed its parcel delivery service and rebranded it Mailman. The photo shows a Mailman kiosk in a Sydney Officeworks outlet. The Mailman website makes using the service look easy. The website and the kiosk combined encourage a feeling of trust and this is important in any parcel service. Newsagents offering parcel services should research Mailman so […]

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WH Smith increases profits on flat sales

April 18th, 2015 · 5 Comments

UK newsagent group WH Smith has reported increased profits off of flat sales reports the Daily Mail. City AM has a similar report. Do your own search and you’ll see most reporters writing the same ‘assessment’. The group does not appear to be as adventurous in its UK newsagency businesses and some newsagents in Australia […]

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Differentiating yourself in a competitive situation

March 27th, 2015 · No Comments

In Auckland Monday at Beresford Square I could choose to get a sandwich and coffee from six outlets, all within a minute of each other. I chose The Station because of the single difference on their sign over the others – good tunes. All the outlets promoted good food and good coffee. The good tunes […]

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Disappointing to see the AFL support Coles

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

I have complained to the AFL over their exclusive promotion of Micro-Figures with Coles timed for the start of the AFL season. Local newsagency businesses are key supporters and sponsors of local grass-roots football teams. The AFL should be careful about supporting Coles as it will make us wonder about the respect given to our local team support. […]

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Checking out your competitors

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Social media makes it easy for us to see what competitors are doing without becoming a stalker. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere. Don’t think it’s odd as they probably already follow you. Following a competitor on social media can be inspiring – not so you can copy them but more […]

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Woolworths branded floor unit for Australia The Story of Us

February 20th, 2015 · 6 Comments

I was disappointed to see the floor display unit for the four-part Australia The Story of Us in Woolworths yesterday. The Woolworths branding suggests this is an exclusive display unit. Maybe Pacific Magazines expected this title to do better in supermarkets than newsagencies. Maybe Woolworths pushed for the unit. Either way, I’m disappointed that this display […]

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Is News Corp. treating supermarkets differently to newsagents with the Disney promotion?

February 11th, 2015 · 17 Comments

I was sent this photo yesterday of terrific floor display unit promoting the Disney Bring Home Some Magic promotion being run by News Corp. supporting The Daily Telegraph. This is an excellent display unit. I wonder why Coles gets this and not newsagents. Most newsagents I have spoken with were given posters, floor decals and […]

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AFL Record publisher supports newsagents

February 9th, 2015 · 1 Comment

The publisher of the NAB AFL Fantasy AFL Record has promoted newsagents on Twitter tweeting that it’s out now at newsagents and Coles nationally. While I’d prefer them to only promote newsagents, getting mentioned  along with Coles is better than not being mentioned at all. I responded to the tweet with: But buy it from your local […]

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