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Meeting with XchangeIT

October 23rd, 2014 · 6 Comments

I met with Chris Leach the CEO of XchangeIT today as part of a regular discussion Chris has with the various newsagency software companies. I took the opportunity to express concern that newsagents are pressured to provide accurate sales data yet we see little benefit in return. While it is outside his purview, Chris listened […]

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Is it unethical to send more stock of a title a newsagent without justification?

October 22nd, 2014 · 4 Comments

Imagine the surprise of a newsagent this week when they received additional stock of Modern Wedding Styling magazine when they still had stock on the shelves from the August allocation. There is no sales history to indicate they will get through the initial allocation. So, the newsagent topped the supply this week and early returned […]

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Evidence Bauer Media sales based replenishment of magazines to newsagents is not based on sales data

October 22nd, 2014 · 4 Comments

Thank you for sending your sales data. Based on the information you have provided, we have raised an extra order on your behalf. This order will be delivered to you on the next available delivery day. Outlined below is a list of what the order will contain. This is the opening of an email this […]

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Newsagent frustration at Network Services invoice changes

February 27th, 2014 · 41 Comments

Following off-topic comments here about recent EDI changed by magazine distributor Network Services, as promised I am opening a post here so newsagents can comment and through this provide feedback to Network. This week, Network released EDI changes including the following (I have pulled this info from correspondence from Network – the image is the […]

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Magazine supply failures cause newsagents to protect their business and fail XchangeIT compliance

January 8th, 2014 · 50 Comments

We sold out of a top-selling monthly magazine in the week of on-sale just prior to Christmas. We ordered more online and a day later were advised by the distributor they were out of stock. I contacted the publisher and they helped the distributor discover that they did indeed have stock. We were told we’d […]

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Network Services invoices problem for WA & SA newsagents

September 1st, 2013 · 5 Comments

Senior management from Network Services advises they are working on a problem with electronic invoices delivered through XchangeIT for WA and SA newsagents for tomorrow. I’ll share here anything further I hear. UPDATE: Network advises that an update at 6PM should see all missing files dispatched. 8 likes

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XchangeIT does not block access to electronic invoices and returns

August 24th, 2013 · No Comments

XchangeIT does not block access to your newsagency software if you decide to not pay software support fees. If your access is blocked then you should contact your newsagency software company. Not all newsagency software companies block access to XchangeIT electronic invoices and returns handling if you refuse to pay their software support fee. 5 […]

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Increased split delivery of magazines on the way but not for all newsagents

July 8th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Network Services is gearing up to increase split deliveries for more selected high volume titles. However, they will not provide split deliveries to newsagents identified in their XchangeIT data as servicing sub agents. Split deliveries do not work as desired where a newsagent is servicing sub agents. Newsagents with sub agents need to ensure they […]

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Hurting our own XchangeIT data

June 2nd, 2012 · 9 Comments

We have a policy in my newsagencies that we will not sell out of a title while it is hot – within reason. We chase extra stock from magazine distributors for as long as we think we can sell the stock. A good example is the AWW Queen’s Diamond Jubilee one-shot. Having sold out of […]

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Inaccurate claims on XchangeIT by Access POS

May 25th, 2012 · 10 Comments

The Access POS software company has published a claim that it is the only software company with 100% XchangeIT file integrity. The claim is misleading in my in that it does not reflect all compliance measures tracked by XchangeIT. It is claim that XchangeIT has been asked to approach Access POS to withdraw . Besides […]

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Newsagents miss out from XchangeIT closure

December 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment

The closure of the XchangeIT help desk these days between Christmas and New Year is frustrating for newsagents who have experienced problems with the XchangeIT, especially where a reinstallation of the software is required. I know of one newsagency where this has happened already and XIT is MIA. The workaround may mean that for this […]

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XchangeIT help desk closed next week

December 19th, 2011 · 4 Comments

I am disappointed that the XchangeIT help desk will be closed next week.  This speaks to their care for newsagents and their seriousness about providing good customer service.  For newsagents, next week is a regular week with magazine deliveries, challenges over getting invoice files and questions on sending sales and returns data back. With the […]

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XchangeIT set to move on newsagents who fail to comply with standards

November 28th, 2011 · 23 Comments

XchangeIT has written to newsagents who are not meeting compliance criteria in an effort to get them across the line and compliant.  Here is what they had to say: Since the beginning of May 2011, we have been alerting you to the fact that your store has not been compliant in passing your ITCs for […]

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XchangeIT lets newsagents down

November 8th, 2011 · 20 Comments

I am frustrated that my newsagency software company, Tower Systems, continues to lose time working on XchangeIT issues for newsagents which have nothing to do with our software.  We have to do this because too often the help desk people at XchangeIT tell newsagents that our software is to blame – when it is not to […]

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Newsagents scrambling to avoid the XchangeIT penalty

September 21st, 2011 · 5 Comments

XchangeIT has written to newsagents who have consistently failed their timeliness, quality and or other criteria for sending magazine sales data from their businesses.  This action was first forecast over a year ago with regular reminders published since. A flaw has been discovered in the timeliness criteria which XchangeIT has agreed to review.  This is […]

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Help for newsagents on XchangeIT compliance

February 26th, 2011 · 18 Comments

XchangeIT yesterday emailed newsagents who will be charged a higher fee from March 31, 2011 for accessing the service because they are not sending magazine sales data.  This morning I published a 9 point action plan for XchangeIT compliance here. Concerned newsagents should book for one of the free live and online magazine management workshops […]

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Network refreshes returns advice

January 19th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Network Services has published updated advice on returns processing through XchangeIT.  Click here for a copy.  It’s good advice which all newsagents should follow. 0 likes

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Old XchangeIT closed

January 12th, 2010 · 14 Comments

As planned, the old XchangeIT EDI platform has closed this afternoon.  There were only 57 newsagents left as registered for this old software.  More than 2,000 migrated to the new XchangeIT Link platform. This has been a good migration.  The real beenfits will flow when we see more competitive offers which leverage the new technology. […]

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Magazine management training opportunity for newsagents

January 11th, 2010 · No Comments

Tower Systems is running its third free online magazine management training workshop for 2010 – tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am.  Click here to book – there are places still available. The session will cover XchangeIT EDI standards, efficient operational (arrival and return) processes, how to track theft and other points which drive efficient management of magazines.  […]

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The old XchangeIT to close January 12

January 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

The old XchangeIT EDI platform for newsagents is to close permanently on the afternoon of Tuesday January 12, 2010.  With all but 120 newsagents having now successfully migrated to the new XchangeIT Link, the time is right to once and for all kill off this old technology. Newsagents not running the new platform need to […]

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NDD delays returns benefits

December 17th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Magazine distributor NDD had hoped to have introduced a more immediate credit process for magazine returns processed by newsagents through XchangeIT.  These changes are now not expected before March.  This will disappoint many newsagents who committed to XchangeIT on the promise of faster returns processing. The issue here is cash-flow.  Every copy returned reflects cash […]

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Newsagents move to new EDI platform

December 12th, 2009 · No Comments

The old XchangeIT platform used by newsagents for receiving invoices from magazine distributors will close in just over two weeks. Only the new XchangeIT Link platform will work. The impact on a newsagency of not receiving invoices electronically is significant. This is what will happen in newsagencies which have not migrated to the new magazine […]

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XchangeIT compliance advice

November 27th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Tower Systems has published its XchangeIT compliance video at yahoo to make it more widely available. With more than 100 downloads, the video by EDI expert gavin Williams is popular. XchangeIT Compliance @ Yahoo!7 Video While this training video was developed for the 1,600 newsagents using software from Tower, the content will be useful to […]

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Gotch glitch slows magazine processing for some

November 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

A glitch in the Gordon and Gotch IT infrastructure meant that not all newsagents using the soon to be phased out original XChangeIT platform received their electronic invoices for today.  This caused considerable frustration as the newsagents affected, software companies, like mine and others, scrambled to find out the cause. Once we found out that […]

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Old XChangeIT platform to close in weeks

November 16th, 2009 · No Comments

The original XChangeIT platform used by newsagents for receiving invoices from magazine distributor will close for good in several weeks.  Only the new XChangeIT Link platform will work.  I will use this blog several times between now and the closure of the old platform to let newsagents know.  Newsagents should tell their colleagues. The impact […]

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