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Is Uncensored the worst magazine ever?

Uncensored arrived on Australian newsagency shelves this past week. It’s a New Zealand magazine which the publishers and distributors want placed next to The Bulletin, Time and Newsweek.

I don’t like this title. It is the ultimate conspiracy theorist’s magazine. The production quality is poor and the writing quality worse. I’m not proud to have it on my shelf. To want it placed next to the other respected news and current affairs titles is an appalling decision by the publisher and distributor. The only product advertised in the magazine, besides a sister magazine and some dubious books is an ad for MAGNA-RX+, the “world’s #1 best-selling all-natural male performance formula”. Yep, a quality publication.

Uncensored is a perfect example of poor product which should not, in my view, get distributed in Australia.  That said, when you look at the numbers you can understand why. Magazine distributors receive a fee to circulate product like this through the system regardless of whether the title sells. Newsagents, on the other hand, receive payment only if the product is stolen. Of the $9.95 cover price, I get $2.48 if I sell a copy. I receive three copies and have to hold them for a month. I have been invoiced for the three this month and have to pay by the end of next month. I return what is not sold and I get the credit in March. So from a cash flow perspective, I’m out for at least 30 days. The display pocket the product takes costs me $3.00 per month and the title will use around $1.00 in labour for the month. So, I need to sell two copies to break even.

Uncensored is being distributed because the magazine distribution model in Australia allows titles like this through the system as long as the distributor is paid a fee for their efforts. That newsagents receive nothing and therefore carry the risk is a shameful big business versus small business imbalance.

I don’t deny the right of the publishers of Uncensored to publish this magazine. My complaint is with a system which makes my small business a stakeholder in spreading this trash. If they want to use my store they should pay and pay handsomely. I have good traffic and they want to access that. So they can pay. To leech off a system which makes me invest in their business and ideas is appalling.

I’m going to return Uncensored this week and claim the credit this month.

You can find out more about Uncensored from their website.


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  1. John Doe

    Is Uncensored the BEST news magazine ever?
    Answer: Yes
    Articles are well referenced and carefully written. Truth is prevalent thoughout the magazine. Facts are prevalent also, something which is totally lacking in mainstream media.
    To conclude get Uncensored!! Its awesome!!


  2. Frank

    Regarding to “leach off a system”, I think some relative percetion needs to be addressed. Uncensored would pay as any magazine, costs and taxes. Much of its work is donated, with a spirit of truth and justice. If you wish to keep knowledge not deseminated to the people from the people, the leaching is trully occuring but at a more insideous level. Freedom of speech and a censoring by refusal to distribute are much more of a concern to me.


  3. Allan

    I just read my first copy of uncensored. Awesome the publisher has true human spirit. I guess if you have the integrity of a wet noodle you would prefer woman’s weekly or corporate mind control propaganda, as it make more money. But if you want a hardcore look at some real issues facing the future destiny of humanity take a look.


  4. mark fletcher

    Uncensored is a crap magazine. It costs me money to have it in the shelf of my retail store.


    • Patrick Kinsey

      Mark, stick to what you do rather than put down a publication that, over the years, have proven to be correct on many subjects that even I thought were a bit hard believe at the time. Read some of the articles then wait a bit, even years, to see things come to be. Anyway, it’s a free world, don’t stock the magazine if you hate it so much.


  5. Craig

    it costs you the same as any other magazine from NZ.
    at least it has a commentary that opens your eyes and your mind.
    i have the first 2 issues already, and will keep buying , off the shelf!, if it keeps its high gloss, large size, lots of content, and COLOUR.
    the articles are written by those who are in the know,
    and articles on pages like this make me not WANT to give money to newsagents, and instead subscribe.

    If agencies regularly distribute porn mags, fish and game mags, and craft magazines for middle aged retards, then surely a magazine with some quality information is a godsend.

    get your heads out of your collective a$$s and get a copy , and open your eyes.
    feel free to flame. i wont be here again.


  6. Not Bill

    Allan, your an idiot clearly. You seem to think the selection of magazines you already have offer some form of important information. In my opinion the vast majority of magazines on newsagent shelves are a joke and an insult to intelligent open minded people. Uncensored is not a joke and it upsets some people obviously. I bet you havnt even read any of it. This magazine is new and will gain a huge following no doubt in the near future and will likely offer you some reasonable profit. Just wait and see in a few months if its still costing you money. recentlty “911-In Plane Site” the documentary was aired on AUzzie tv, it got a huge positive response from people. Auzzies want to know the truth and this magazine will become very popular in the near future. Lets face it there isnt any real competition from other news magazines, except for lame-arse glossy advertising and titilation from the other mags on your shelves.


  7. not bill

    Sorry Allan !, the post i referred to above was from mark fletcher, its hard to tell who has posted what when there is a line seperating the actual poster from his/her comments and no line seperating the name from the above post…


  8. Mark Fletcher

    Just as you are entitled to your view about magazines on newsagent shelves, others are entitled to their view about Uncensored. It is a crap magazine and not worth shelf space in my shop. It’s poor sales are proof. It does not pay its way.


  9. Oliver Luck

    Uncensored is on track for what many underground magazines have been trying to do. Have people who KNOW what they are talking about and have articles that make you think. That challenge the thinking of people of every culture. Its something that many people here in NZ are getting behind and aussie will follow suit…just wait and see.


  10. Mark Fletcher

    Uncensored will die if its current sales continue. It’s a waste of money.


  11. Jon

    I think Uncensored is a better mag than the mainstream publications. Sure, it has its pitfalls but it’s editors have no reason to censor as they do not have much advertising, in fact none from companies which are large enough to make or break their publication. The same cannot be said of the mainstream (including tv and radio stations). These bodies can be very badly damaged if a large advertiser pulls out and/or threatens repercussions in retaliation for an unfavourable article. If you think this is conspiracy theory then you’re obviously only reading in the mainstream. Is it not logical to obtain information, on which to base ones opinion, from a variety of sources?


  12. peter mcdonald

    Thanks for the link to the uncensored website.
    I was searching for it and ended up here.


  13. Anon

    Sorry but I have to agree with Mark. Uncensorsed is crap.

    I wont even put it on my shelves. It goes straight into the early return pile; along with alot of other crappy titles.


  14. Vaughan Lawrence

    Hi all,

    Getting a bit heated in here today. Whether you are fan of this magazne or not, the proof will be in follow up sales. Mark is correct based on sales history of this title, it does not warrant the shelf space given to it. Our sales data clearly shows that we have recieved 8 copies over 4 editions and we have not sold 1 copy, therefore it will be discontinued. I would imagine the sales data is very similar across most newsagencies. If you like the title so much simply subscribe to it, as it will not be around much longer.
    Vaughan Lawrence
    Beechworth Newsagency
    Australian Newsageny of the Year 2006


  15. Matt

    I too am discontinuing this title.

    I think their will be alot more to follow!!!


  16. mark fletcher

    Newsagents need to remember every day: it’s our labour, it’s our real-estate – we have the right to choose what we carry.


  17. cynthia

    Just thought i would say it’s funny that the people who shelve Uncensored are not even listening to the fact that there are people who love it and buy it, as witnessed by the amount of replies from customers. The only people complaining about the publication on this blog are the people who shelve it.
    If you guys were business people, as you say you are by running an newsagent, you should do a little bit of publicity if you want it off your shelves.

    A bit of advice – don’t knock a product you have to sell if you want to make money. It just makes you seem less credible. Personally, if I knew which newsagent you are running, I wouldn’t even bother going in based only on this blog and the mistrust in the products you sell.


  18. mark fletcher

    Uncensored does not make money. It loses money in each retail business I have looked at. It should not be distributed unless the publisher subsidises the labour and real estate used.


  19. James P. Hilton

    Uncensored is in fact so informative it has become one of my first ports of call for information. It is not (or it shouldn’t be) the place of newsagents to decide what the public does or does not get to read. Any newsagent that interferes with the people’s right of access, regardless of profitability, is a fascist newsagent. My advice to everyone is if a newsagent usurps your right to read uncensored or anything else, spend your money at some other news agent.
    -James P. Hilton, author and publisher


  20. mark fletcher

    Uncensored loses money in many newsagencies. The return on investment is the only factor I use – even though I consider it’s contents to be of little value.


  21. Jarryd Moore

    Why is it that those who are claiming to be “open minded” are the only ones that cannot see past their own agenda.

    No newsagent has said here that they are censoring the magazine because of it’s content. NO newsagent has said that they will deny any customer access to any magazine.

    And to those “open minded” people … if a newsagent does not make profit then they will of course have to close. So where would you then buy Uncensored? Please explain to me how profitability doesn’t matter.


  22. Dingus McFadden

    I lol’d @ your attempt to sound informative blog writer. Conspiracy is wonderful, you’re just angry. Drink some water, it will make you feel better, unless it’s flouridated laike lololololol.

    Yours sincerely

    Dingus McFadden


  23. Cameron

    Hello, all
    just checking in to tell you to NOT buy uncensored magazine as it is a seriously crap publication and serves only to make the world more paranoid, which is NOT what we need. i’ve met the editor of the magazine, John Eisen, and he is the very epitomy of the paranoid conspiracy nutjob stereotype. he the makes the magazine from his own house, which it looks like he hasn’t cleaned for a LONG time,and obviously doesn’t wash, because cleaning products will give you cancer or something.He’s telling everyone to wake up against people who are trying to fool us, but in reality, it is people like John Eisen who are the real villains, as they are the ones telling lies, not the government or NASA or Aliens or pharmaceutical companies like he would have you believe.


  24. mark

    I came across these comments quite inadvertently but I can see that it seems to be a newsagents blog site so I can’t object to them having views based on profit margins. However, the vitriol is a bit surprising. I’d be interested to know how many niche magazines sell in quantity in any newsagency from the outset? Furthermore, its bi-monthly so it will take significantly longer to establish itself in the marketplace.

    For my own part, I look forward to seeing each issue in the newsagency I frequent (a large Melbourne agency), a newsagent that stocks most of these sorts of magazines from Australia and overseas. The stories need to be read with a level of skepticism sufficient to allow for common sense appraisal but the properly researched articles are very compelling.

    Whilst I don’t disagree with a newsagent’s right to lament unprofitable stock , particularly with a small population base to support it (e.g. Beechworth), I expect the discussion was started in context of understanding by the newsagent (Mark) of his local readers’ tastes but I doubt that he read the magazine beyond a cursory examination of the contents.

    I would dispute that the “respected” titles referred to are in any way more reliable for truth – it is this implication and the other disparaging remarks to do with the content of Uncensored that have generated this discussion.

    It’s laughable to try to make distinctions about “crap” products – Women’s Weekly is no academic’s flagship, it spouts arrant nonsense and gossip from cover to cover but no self-respecting newsagent would be without it.

    Uncensored is a niche market title and sells where the market is large enough to support it.


  25. Ron Paul for president!

    Yes it is true that uncensored contains some questionable content, with unreferenced, unproven, highly debateable non issues like area 51, crop circles, and all the usual ufo drivel. despite these short comings, there is a lot of referenced (verifiable) information on political, coporate and religious corruption and conspiracy.

    Yes, conspiracy exists! those who deny this and argue only conspiracy theory exists, should go and look the word up to see what the definition actually is. And read George Orwell’s 1984, and then you will discover that ONLY conspiracy theory can exist, and to think otherwise would be
    “crimethink” or a thought crime.

    The lie about weapons of mass destructions in Iraq, to sell the war to the american people is a big conspiracy!!!See John Pilger’s “Breaking the Silence” DVD. See “Weapons of Mass Deception” DVD by Danny schechter.

    The fact that haliburton corporation, who vice president dick cheney used to be the CEO of, won a no-bid contract to “rebuild” iraq, and were actually set up and based over there some time before bush announced he was going to set an invasion date, is a BIG conspiracy!!! See the DVD “Iraq For Sale” by Greg Palast. and “Faranheit 9-11” by mike moore.

    The fact that both saddam and osama are both creations of the american government and intelligence agencies, is a BIG conspiracy!!!
    The fact that the vast majority of weapons that these despotic middle eastern, south american, and african regimes have, are actually made in the good ol’ US of A, and where exported DIRECTLY from the US, is a BIG conspiracy!!!See John Pilger’s “Breaking the Silence” DVD

    The fact that big pharma are trying to restrict access to vitamins, and are financing a smere campaign against natural medicines (naturopathy)etc., so that people will always be getting sick and will have poor health as a result of poor diet etc., and will therefore constanly be needing the temporary relief solution (that usually costs 500% more than any vitamins and orgnanic health solutions), so people will become life long addicts to big pharma “medications” equals BIG bucks for big pharma equals BIG conspiracy!!! See the DVD by Gary Null called “Perscription for Disaster”. Also “Codex (alimentaris) and Nutricide”

    Anyway, one could go one forever, and I haven’t even started!
    Those who have the internet and a DVD player are without excuse in this information age. To be so ignorant of these issues, and label people as conspiracy theory nut jobs, is an indictment on your level of intelligence and credulity!!!

    So yeah just go back to reading “That’s Life” magazine and bury your head in the Rupert Murdoch owned Globalist, coparate facist propaganda rags you call serious newspapers, which mostly carry frontpage headlines about sports issues, mainly irrelevant football games and paris hilton gossip etc. and don’t think for yourself, or outside of the establishment controlled idiot box. Just go back to sleep!


  26. mauricio

    As a newsagent unfortunately you don’t not have the choice on what to sell. If you were Muslim and the Daily Telegraph had a front page story on Muslim Extremist would you pull it off the shelf? I agree that the magazine might not be written as well as many others but it does not mean that the information is neither erroneous nor un-informative.
    My question, and with all due respect is, who are you to pass judgment on any literature. Mein Kampf was seen as a master piece by millions. The masses are just that, masses.
    If three (3) magazines really affect your business then perhaps you should rethink your line of work. I work for a Meat distributor and I do not eat pork. Should I deprive others from doing so? I’m sure you also sell the common newspapers but who are they to claim what they report is correct or even true?

    Freedom of expression is just that, by silencing the ‘crackpots’ you are just proving the point for a need of a magazine of this nature.

    The Current issue has claims of Life on Mars, Winston Churchill III being a racist, etc, etc. Crazy, right?

    We also thought the world was flat.

    Lastly if you have time to read magazines at work then perhaps you have too much time on your hands.




  27. Mark


    While we still stock the title, I still think it’s a crap title.



  28. Dean

    Are you still losing money on it Mark?


  29. Mark

    Yes Dean once we faactor in the shelf life of the title. We sell six or seven copies each three months.



  30. KH

    none ever sold at my n/a, so I told distributor to can it.
    no ‘fly-to-mars-with-finger-up-arse’ folks around here. – conservative demographic- tory as, & think bush is a great bloke, with a brain too!
    I stock mags that suit the neighbourhood. If they send me anything else, I can em within 6 weeks.
    distributors always find some other shite to foist on me anyway


  31. kate

    uncensored is all about free thinking, it allows us to think outside the square. we as so called individuals are brain washed into how to act, what to think and so on. the free world, what a joke! keep up the good work uncensored, i for one love your mag.


  32. no new world order

    uncensored magazine is published because the mainstream media is basically dead and/ or corrupt.

    i welcome finding this mag on the shelves and anyone who feels they shouldn’t stock it based on content alone needs to seriously pull their head out of the sand.

    we are all being manipulated by government policies who are dictated by lobbyists and big pharma. a 10 year old could figure this out – WAKE UP.

    and by the way peter schiff was right.


  33. KH

    Yeah yeah whatever; but my my, we are a sensitive lot, aren’t we?
    A Kiwi, and a nut-bag? or just a nut-bag?

    Let me explain, as perhaps the previous entries by newsagents were not clear enough for you:

    We newsagents would put any mag on the shelves, (provided it was not illegal or socially irresponsible i.e. porn, terrorism, etc), IF IT WAS A SELLER.

    I would display magazines on the ancient art of elephant podiatry, written in Sanskrit, if they sold at this newsagency, in this demographic.

    You can’t buy the baby a new dress, if you stock your shelves with magazines that just don’t sell.

    Gave it a fair go, then gave it the can. I don’t really give a rat’s what the content/subject matter is. I judge a mag purely on its sales.

    I won’t bother explaining the hours & labour that newsagents put into magazines; for a net loss basically, after providing the distributors with a perpetual interest-free loan. The amount of work is just science fiction to some.

    If this mag is so brilliant, why don’t you set up a stall in front of your tee-pee, just next to the crystals, and sell it for the distributor?


  34. kate

    everyone should read uncensored it’s very stimulating, never mind reading about who’s pregnant, in rehab, who’s stolen whos spouse and so on. let’s start spending our hard earned money on something worthwhile


  35. kate

    i would rather read uncensored than any of those trashy mags about famous people, after all who cares who’s sleeping with who, or on drugs/drinking and so on.


  36. sean

    Some of the following information was derived from an impeccable scientific source who, up to the time of his retirement occupied a key position among the Australian scientific elite. Due to his position he was fully informed about all joint government scientific programmes and was often asked to advise on technical and intelligence matters relating to them. He agreed to comment on some American activities in Australia providing he was not identified by subsequent use of the information. The man has an amazing background involving an association with some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the twentieth century, In his old age he feels that people should be made a little more aware of what is going on around them.


  37. rodger dan

    Having read a lot of the responces above, it just shows what affects being a newsagent stuck behind the counter with four walls all around greeting the brain washed idiot who turns up the same time in the morning 2 seconds after you have just opened the front doors to purchase the same piece of crap the he or she has read there whole life. mr agent when you sell your copys of everyday crap and make 50 cents for the effort just look in the eye of some of the people you serve. read sum of the articales in unsubscribed then do some of your own research on your readings and you may work out you have your head up your own arse.
    Regards Roger Dan


  38. shaun s

    Roger Dan it must be a really good read you didn’t even get the name right .


  39. Y&G

    50c?? Wooo hoooo. Where can I get me some of that?


  40. Jimmy K

    Everyone deserves an opinion and Everyone needs to look at both sides of the coin. Everyone on here so far sounds like they got their heads up their arses. I personally think it is a fantastic magazine. Howver it does have alot of crap in it. I believe in a 911 crime, but do not believe aliens are living amongs us. So what?!! The point of this newsagency website is to allow agents to speak their mind. The minute you critisise one ill-informed person by claiming ignorance and stupidity you are becoming the very type of person you are apparently against. This makes you ignorant and stupid. I believe this poster is ill-informed on the subject matter of the magazine in question, however from a capitalist point of view he is trying to run a business. It is in everyone’s best interest for the magazine to sell more. The only knowledge to take with you from all this discussion is to simply subscribe to the magazine directly from their own website and not go into these places anymore. If the owners are allegedly not giving this magazine a chance based on its content…. then bypass them.
    Simple, Intelligent and Sweet.
    It will serve them right.
    You have the power to change the world.
    Get your head of your own arses, all of you!!


  41. shaun s

    Thank you for that great bit of info if you would have waited a couple of months it would have been the 12 month anniversary for the date the blog started . Glad to see you are keeping up on all the hot gossip on this magazine


  42. Peter

    Hi Shaun,

    Obviously math is not a strong suit of yours… 2006 to 2011 is not quite 12 months…




  43. Max

    So much for the “speed” of electronic communications! ROFLMAO


  44. shaun s

    holy @#$% didn’t realise it was that long . would you believe i was just seeing if every one was paying attention .hopefully in a few years when Jimmy replies i will still be around to see it


  45. Peter

    Ah well… they say everything takes longer up north…


  46. Stew

    I was just wondering if Mark Fletcher was still in business as he seems to have gone quiet. It has been some 5 years now since Uncensored kicked off so I think it has answered its knockers. I wont quote what people have written as they can read for themselves. I must say though, when I go into a newsagent I often buy more than just a magazine. So just because some people may not like Uncencored it dosn’t stop them looking for something else does it?


  47. Mark

    Stew, yep, still in business. I have mellowed a bit since I wrote this post in 2006 and today would use different language to describe Uncensored. We still sell the title. It does not cover its costs but we control that by early returning.

    As for the title itself, I am surprised people take it seriously.


  48. Jade

    After seeing the magazine on a shelf recently, I picked it up to take a glance inside. One article caught my eye. After reading it, I will flat refuse to purchase anything from any newsagent that stocks this title.

    Because by stocking this title you are supporting white supremacists and Holocaust deniers. The article in question was entitled “The Great Holocaust Debate” and discussed primarily the supposed and consistently debunked questions about the numbers that died in the camps.

    By stocking this magazine, newsagents become complicit in peddling dangerous and utterly disgusting lies that serve to denigrate the suffering of an entire race. I would suggest that newsagents think very carefully about how they wish to be perceived by the community at large if they wish to stock these sorts of magazines.


  49. Aaron

    Jade you could say the same for adult/mens magazines and how they portray women, womens/tween magazines for their use of thin models etc, scientific magazines vs creationist magazines, even the history books in bookstores and those used in schools teach different things depending on what country you’re in.

    As with a lot of things you read, be it in books, magazines or on the internet, it’s always best to take them with a grain of salt and read other material on the subject before just throwing it all at one publication.


  50. June

    Jade, I think you have hit it on the head about “disgusting lies” etc but to expect a newsagent to know what was in each publication would be an impossible task so if something makes its way onto our shelves and OUR CUSTOMERS object then it is time to remove it. I don’t carry porn mags because it offends my eastern suburbs clientele but I don’t like censorship. I think Mark is a very well read agent
    and he is just passing an opinion based on his own and his customer’s comments.
    What’s wrong with that. By the way, some of you could take some spelling lessons.
    I am amazed at the lack of tolerance on
    this site.


  51. shaun s

    wats rong wit our spelin


  52. shaun s

    damm it i forgot my caps and full stop


  53. Glenn

    Extending your argument I guess newsagents who stock muscle car and auto racing mags are fostering activities that contribute to global warming, and stocking gardening and information on renewable energies is positively contributing to a reduction global warming. Further, by stocking mens adult magazines we are partly responsible for denigration of women in our society, and wedding magazines we foster the importance society places on man and woman sharing their lives equally. Then there are the cooking books that we use to make people fat, and dieting and exercise magazines we use in our evil scheme to make them thin again. And the business and investment magazines to assist in creating the wealthy segment in our community, which then leaves those less well off to languish on the sidelines.

    One head, so many hats. I thought I was exhausted at the end of the day from working hard, but it must be all my hidden agendas bringing me undone!

    Your post smacks of an underlying fanaticism not held by the general community, at least not those that are in the community I serve. Biggest load of Shiite I have read in a long time. I try to cater for all tastes, and judge no one.


  54. Miles

    since this post reactivated, I have had a number of customers wearing aluminium foil hats inquiring if we stock Uncensored.
    Fortunately, our distributors have never tried to send it to me.


  55. Mark

    Jade, Jade, Jade…

    Oh to live in your head.

    Read the original blog post for my thoughts on this title. Despite what I think about it, I will bitterly defend the right of the publisher to publish the title and newsagents to sell it.

    The world you advocate would be worse for the censorship which would ensue.


  56. Stew

    Thanks for the reply Mark. I’m pleased that your still in business as it would be a shame to see someone with so much passion lost. Good on you for stocking product that you don’t necessarily like, but do so because you beleive that censorship is not the answer and that everyone has a right to freedom of speech.


  57. mag

    Dont be deceived and get your own English in order … the truth will be revealed no matter what people call it … conspiracy theory, catch phrases like global warming skeptic, etc etc… just get it right and look out the Future is here.



    I have read a lot of this type of magazine and I class “UNCENSORED” number one to all the others. Its reading keeps you on your
    toes. I have stopped buying similar magazines.


  59. LANCE

    Brad, are you involved with the magazine in any way at all ?
    Honest answer now please 😉
    That said, is the mag still being sold ?





  61. Fe

    Leave uncensored magazine alone it is the best magazine. I love it!



    As Abraham Lincoln said “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”

    The first part of this quote certainly describes all those who’ve rushed in to defend this Rag, oops, meant mag. The second part, as proven by the low sales, proves just how true was Lincoln’s quote. Yes, I’ve come across the mag and flipped through it. It’s the sort of uneducated swill you’d expect to see from some ignorant sixth grader.

    Moreover, the comments and claims by those defending the mag and who’ve asserted that everything printed in the mag is absolutely true says much about the level of, or more accurately, the lack of intelligence of those same people. Indeed!! I’ve got a friend who’s just itching to sell them a well known bridge he just happens to have “acquired” Form an orderly queue to my right please.


  63. Gav

    Hmmm, how about you just allow people to make their own minds up as to whether they like and/or purchase the magazine?

    I’ve bought it, had a chuckle at some articles and taken an interest in others, particularly where they reference accurately.

    Love that newsagents are shooting this down, but are happy to carry porn. Selective much?


  64. Mark Fletcher

    Gav there are 1,000 of newsagents, less than .1 of 1% are “shooting it down”. Also, I doubt you could find newsagents selling porn.


  65. Lilith

    This magazine is toxic waste.

    Uncensored, both the current hard copy edition, and the website, are openly distributing dangerous and preposterous disinformation about the COVID19 virus.


    Some recent articles are linked below; these are being added to almost daily at the time of writing. This delusional rubbish is going to get people killed lest anyone take it seriously.

    They’ve been publishing the same all-infectious-agents-are-bioweapons-vaccines-cause-disease drivel since 2005, and some of it repeats known Russian propaganda, such as the ‘Operation Infektion’ operation that claimed that HIV was a bioweapon.

    Recent posts on their website:

    • COVID-19 is the ushering of a new totalitarian dystopia (note that the author is one Andrew Korybko an “American Moscow-based political analyst”). A quick google shows that he is a prolific propagandist for Russia-



    • NZ going to martial law, because the military are assisting-


    • article asserting that COVID-19 not a serious disease-


    • the healing power of touching— immunocompromised cancer patients-



  66. Lilith

    I should add that the current issue is Issue 59, March-June 2020. The editor, Jonathan Eisen, asserts in his editorial that COVID19 is an artificial bioweapon (never mind that it’s not, according to their website, particularly lethal, such is the confused mind of the conspiracy theorist), and treatable with vitamin C and “colloidal silver.”


  67. Bill

    As far as I’m concerned the magazine has a place in the media. It offers alternative views and makes you think. If you are a dyed in the wool Telegraph reader or Sydney Morning Herald reader or whatever Murdock paper you have in New Zealand you will probably be overcome by the info you might come across. Some stories are wacky but if you like to do research yourselfe there are basises of truth to research.


  68. Bucwah

    The magazine comes out every 3 months, so why would you take it off the shelf after a month? Where I purchase the magazine sits on the shelf for 3 months. So no wonder your losing money


  69. Uncensored unknown

    Oh well if Mark thinks it’s a waste let him be it’s people choice what they believe in God gave us that right to choose what we do believe in etc unfortunately it’s true Psy ops from all secret services world wide has fooled all the people that follow the corrupt system we are now exposed to COVID was order out of chaos the powers that be love playing this game more fear to take away people freedoms but the Bible already predictated this was gonna happen people will lose faith not just in God but in themselves to the point now people need to be told what to do coz their creative mind is dumbed down and critical thinking outlawed just follow George Orwell must’ve predicted the future coz his book 1984 is becoming scary real these day in age till humanity comes together world wide for a common cause this is only gonna get worst and worst the controlling corrupt governments world wide are doing to the world hey but it’s never gonna happen or that would have been predicted too in the Bible we can’t judge each other that’s hate also you know hate creates anger anger creates suffering we just gotta support each other and help each other it ain’t about what someone believes is happening in the world the world will always be the world never been easy and never been nice hey but we can’t judge and criticize each other coz at the end of the day people will only know so much and never the full picture coz it’s hidden and humans aren’t meant to know everything we need love in this world that’s what makes people have faith and feel good hey


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