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What do you think of the Powerball changes?

I have been asked by several people to start a topic on the Powerball changes, so they can comment. Here it is. For those unfamiliar, here is a summary of the changes, from an email to retailers from Lotterywest:

More overall winners
We’re improving the odds of winning any prize from 1 in 78 to 1 in 44.

Big Jackpots
Bigger jackpots that customers love.

More Winning Numbers
The new Powerball game will draw 7 Winning Numbers from a barrel of 35 balls (numbered 1–35). The Powerball will still be drawn from a barrel of 20 balls (numbered 1–20).

New Prize Divisions
We’ll be adding a new Division 9 to the game, helping to increase the number of overall winners in every draw.

Pricing update
To help deliver more winners and big prizes, the cost of entry will increase by 25 cents per game (plus retailer commission). 


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  1. Michael

    I think it will hurt sales. We are a top 25 agency in NSW and do A LOT of minimum ticket purchases and even those customers are starting to feel the pinch and they now avoid OZ lotto for that very reason.

    I am scared also for the new divisional prize… I can only assume this is going to cost us more time and cash flow with more tiny payouts. This side of things is no benefit to agents and i hardly feel like it is going to feel good for customers when they win their $0.57c off their minimum tickets….

    Instead of all this i would love to see Tatts investing in the agency channel and making things easier, be it with shop fits, promotions or even merchandisers to take some of the work off us so we can focus on selling.

    The site surveys are on going and while we do not mind uniformity this is still viewed as a slap in the face to retailers. I garuntee if they spent that money on us in some fashion, or even on our customers you would see sales rising across the board as we would all be more interested in pushing lotto instead of every other aspect of our businesses.

    Just my 2c


  2. Billy B

    I think they are on the right track if the big jackpots happen. Customes are so tired of teeny jackpots and respond to bigger ones. However, with this move and with other moves e.g. scratchies, Tatts are making more work for their franchisees, without any corresponding financial compensation. They are looking after themselves but forgetting the ppl who give them 85% of their sales.


  3. George Adams

    Interesting…. They went down this track a few years ago when they made the changes to try get the jackpots bigger. It was the worst thing they did. Lets hope they have done there homework this time. With a steep price rise it might be quite damaging!


  4. Peter

    spot on with making jackpots bigger and longer lasting. I will watch with great interest. However bigger jackpots do undoubtedly drive sales.


  5. Bradley

    Tatts obviously did this because people are sick of tiny jackpots but I honestly think this will hurt sales but not because of the cost, I have a slightly different perspective.

    So if you have to get 7 numbers from 1-35 and 1 number from 1-20, that means the odds of winning the jackpot are 1:134,490,400. The odds of winning the EuroJackpot are 1:95,344,200 – and the EuroJackpot just recently had a €90 million jackpot (approximately AU$141 million). The odds of winning the EuroMillions are 1:139,838,160 – and the EuroMillions currenly has a €151 million jackpot (approximately AU$238 million). Now let’s be honest, due to our small population, our jackpots probably aren’t going to get over $100 million.

    So I wonder what Lottoland is going to say when they find out about the new Powerball being harder to win… “Why buy a Powerball ticket at your local newsagent when you can bet on the EuroJackpot at Lottoland? Better odds and higher jackpots!”, “Why buy a Powerball ticket at your local newsagent when you can bet on the EuroMillions at Lottoland? Similar odds but higher jackpots!”

    Lottoland’s Really Gotta Go!


  6. Colin

    Will only work if (a) payouts on div 9 are bigger than the cost of 14 games (b) jackpots accumulate very quickly to be over $50 in 4 weeks and peek at 100m plus in max 6 weeks. Failure if both not achieved.


  7. David Rawlings

    you stuffed up Oz Lotto when you put 7 numbers, when it was 6 numbers the bottom division paid $40.00 now it pays $13.00 So now you are going to stuff up Powerball again. the present jackpots are high enough as they are, and being an aged pensioner just small wins are nice. looks as if you have lost me playing anymore


  8. Lance

    From an outsider…….
    Does many really believe they are making these changes to benefit ticket buyers…..or sellers for that matter ?
    As said, I’m an outsider and don’t fully understand the operation of lotteries or their agents, but from the publics aspect this only looks to benefit the top level, Lotterywest.


  9. Trudy

    Don’t forget that Tatts is only running this game and the others to make money. It doesn’t serve their interest to keep cost to play to a reasonable amount. Every time Tatts makes a change to Powerball we get a story about how big the jackpots will now be etc etc. This time is no different. I would like to be able to choose which agent I pay my commission to when I play on line.


  10. Glen Morrow

    Without a substantial increase in the lower division prizes, I cant see any reason to play. Winning $13 on a $11 ticket is really pushing it. Bumping the price to $14.50 will need a payout of $20 pluss to keep people playing.


  11. Ravi

    Should be able to buy 2 lines instead of 4 on powerball


  12. Sandy Terrell

    I think this is a huge mistake. When OZ lotto added the extra number, requiring 7 numbers to win and greatly reduced prizes in the lower divisions, a lot of people either stopped playing weekly or reduced to a 6 game or less ticket.

    Personally I believe they have learnt from OZ lotto that ticket sales increase exponentially as jackpots get bigger increasing their revenue.
    As the odds of winning first division will double, currently we have a 1: 76 767 600 chance of winning but this increases to 1:134,490,400 under the new format.
    This huge increase in odds means more weeks of increased revenue as more and more people including those that don’t usually buy tickets chase the dream each week until its won.

    There is a huge risk of severe financial hardship, especially for low income earners, such as those on Centrelink benefits/pensions, as they are lured by the big jackpots to spend money they cant afford in the hopes of improving their financial situation.


  13. Jonathan Wilson

    I saw a story on the TV news last night that the government wants to force those on welfare who are blowing that money on gambling onto the welfare card that can’t be used for gambling so if that happens all the centrelink people wont be able to play the lotto anymore I suspect.


  14. Jan

    If there is only going to be one extra division then I can only assume that one of the other divisions we have now is going as 7 numbers and then 7 plus the powerball would be two divisions. Also how can the jackpots be bigger if there is now a greater chance of winning 1 in 78 to now 1 in 44 I myself should have stopped with the last changes but now I will.


  15. Jon

    I’m surprised at all the negativity around these changes. For me bigger jackpots mean much higher takings and with the changes I’m sure we will see $100 million + as the new norm. Bring it on!


  16. Michael

    Jon #15, It may just be my pessimistic view of the world but while you are correct there will be larger crowds for when the jackpots do reach mass levels. I believe on a week to week basis this will continue to push out the lower income earners who like to play their minimum amount of games. Whether or not that works out in our favor long term is what is to be decided.

    Jan #14, The odds of winning first division have gotten much harder which means the jackpot prize will be increased more often. You are more likely to win A prize but much less likely to win THE jackpot prize…


  17. Guy

    Do not like xxxx .The Major prize is fine at present the jackpot bet bigeer anyway what am i going to do with 100 million dollars i am not a greedy person if it goes to 7 numbers i will stop playing powerball and play lotto instead.


  18. kanga

    Tatts is getting greedier and greedier. It won’t be long before we see 7 numbers on a Saturday draw and follow the US, with massive jackpots. The best game ever was cancelled by Tattslotto, probably because they weren’t making enough profit. It was called Tatts 2 and 2 numbers were drawn nightly from 99 numbers, for a cost of 55 cents. The odds of winning with 1 set of pairs was 1 in 4,851. My partner and I played about 6 sets of numbers for a outlay of approximately $23/week. Playing the numbers daily, reduced the odds of success to 1 in 115. This equates to mathematically a win 3 times a year. This is close to the number of payouts we won and is the only Tatts game, I can say that I made a profit after 12 months. Once a week the prize money doubled and our average payout was between $800 to $1,200. Not enough to get rich on, but better than bank interest.


  19. Fay Haynes

    Costly increase. For most people with a minimum of 4 games, it will cost an extra $1 per week.
    $52 per year which may cut the participation of some pensioners and those on a tight budget.
    But, like all big businesses, all they can see is increased profit and bigger dividends to shareholders.


  20. Peter

    As a regular powerball player, I won’t be playing after the changes, I’ll go to the club and play Keno Mega Millions a few times a week instead. Currently Powerball regularly goes off at between 3 and 20 million, that’s enough to retire on, no need for more. Bigger Jackpots means less div 1 winners which is not a good thing.


  21. Karise

    It’s unrealistic to expect us to have the same jackpots as countries much bigger then us. There is no need to try and compete. No one person needs 100million, the jackpots are fine the way they are. Although I know that they were not thinking about customers when they made that choice. The odds were never meant to be in our favour so why would any of the changes be in our favour. I don’t think the jackpots will get much bigger anyway because less people will play powerball now that it cost more.


  22. Paul

    Greed Greed Greed
    6 numbers was pushing my pacients 7 will loose me altogether .
    Honestly who needs a 50 or 75 million jackpot .
    get real .


  23. Ian Urquhart

    Lottoland wins again. Very poor decision making by the marketing people at The Lott who only appear to want The Lott with nothing for agents, franchisees or the public. Making the odds higher means the chance of winning is a little further away. Smaller wins is effectively death by 2000 cuts rather than 1000. Have purchased my last Powerball ticket and will now be seeking alternate options.


  24. Robert James

    Greed is the Name of the game. lets suck as much money as we can out of the Population as possible and give Them as little as posible in return. The old Saying the Rich get Richer and the Pore get Porer as they spend money trying to chase an imposible to win dream. I have played my last game of Power Ball or any other Tatts operated game. Will be looking to spend my money elswhere. No More with Tatts.


  25. hb

    I’m disappointed. My Dad took his birth date for years, Mum and I have kept putting his numbers in after his death but now his birth year is being removed so we won’t be able to keep his tradition going.


  26. Michael

    Greed Greed Greed

    George Adams must be turning in his grave 🙁


  27. peter vas

    laugh out loud at all the people making comments on this website… if only you knew how the gambling industry not just in Australia but around the world works…but fear not my downtrodden friends both THE LOTT as they call themselves these days and TABCORB are all going to pay for it dearly when “their time comes” and as for their shareholders “oh dear me”… cheers


  28. jorge gerard

    the changes is not helping me with 5 & the power ball I was a regular winner with the new system I hardly win anything is not worth playing



    This is the second change in a short time,with five numbers we had a greater chance of snaring the “Big One”then came six numbers and to make it harder still,now we have seven numbers,where is it going to stop.
    I don’t like it.


  30. claudio esposito

    l am dissappointed with this powerball change it was fine when it was 5 out of 45 +1 now’ you can forget it.2 game just to be in it but no – chance of jackpot> just ….JACKSHIT???


  31. David

    I would like to know what New Prize Divisions 9 payout? & like to see new powerball coupons.


  32. Jan

    Have finally found a site that explains all the new changes to Powerball that are coming. They have gotten rid of 4 numbers as a winning division and now 5 numbers will be after 3+P and before 4+P so if you win 5 you will get a whopping $41. If you are lucky to get 6 then a whopping $436. Here is a link hope it works for you all..


  33. Dave

    When Powerball first started it 5/45 plus the Powerball 1/45. I would regularly win$2-3,000
    with 3 numbers and the PB as I covered it 45 times with a system 7. Once they changed it you get about $200 for 3 numbers and the PB.
    This will send me to Lottoland.
    they should change it back to its original form and make it worthwhile winning.


  34. Dave Orr

    Why change the Powerball fomat if it isn’t broken? What a pity there was no consultation with the public! So now many of us who have been using the same numbers up to 40 for more than a decade have been thrown under the bus. (I had nos 39 and 40 in my system entry.) Will I be changing my numbers – or betting elsewhere??? Diddelydave


  35. Aaron Jones

    Enough is enough. I have been a longtime pball player. I always play powerhit tickets. I loved when it was 5 out of 45. Three numbers got you back $500-$800. I would hit this at least 5 times per year. Admittedly the tickets was a little more pricey.

    Then they changed it to 6 numbers out of 40. To get the same return now you need 4 numbers and the payouts are lucky to be $500.

    I don’t play ozlotto because it’s too hard. Now with powerball changing to 7 numbers I won’t be playing anymore. I agree a lot on this forum. Nobody needs 100m to be happy. 3m would have been just fine for me. I would prefer a lot of smaller jackpot winners rather than one massive winner every few months.

    The Lott try and say that they are helping more people win money but in fact they want to keep milking people and have the media spotlight on massive jackpots which attracts players who don’t support the lotto week in week out.

    I would rather support lottoland. Very disappointed.


  36. Chris

    What a load of crap just like last time it was changed less chance of winning. Will never play again


  37. Jay

    Stopped playing lotto as it is too expensive. Oz lotto and Powerball out of the reach of most people.


  38. Ivan

    It is nothing but greed, u should be trying to make the game easier, so there can be 10-20 winners of the 1st division, most of us are not greedy and would settle for $750k to $1.5mill as a jackpot win, changing it so that u need to hit 6 numbers just to win $400 is absurd, and people should refrain from playing all together until u twats change your attitude and make the games worth our while, and i mean by making the smaller divisions much higher in payouts, because lets face it, for most of us the jackpot is a dream that will never eventuate!!


  39. Lorraine

    No-one needs to win $100M or more. And now it looks like the Australia Government is trying to close down Lottoland. These companies seem to think people have bottomless wallets and will just keep playing with less likelihood of winning. The lower prizes are small enough now, will probably be even smaller. They say that each game with be 25c more (plus commission) what will the commission be? How much will each game actually be.


  40. Greg

    Powerball is now effectively and 8 ball game.

    I don’t know of any other 8 ball lotto game in the world.

    They have made a big mistake this.


  41. Tony

    Greed Greed Greed

    I stopped buying OZ Lotto, Now no longer playing Power and stopped playing Mon & Wed, very poor call, but hey they don’t get they are getting more money from us. much like food more for less.

    Greed Greed Greed


  42. Steve

    The best way for us punter’s to get the odds in our favour and send a clear message of protest is simple! Save up the money u normally put on weekly and wait for the the jackpots to come around then only put on system entries! That will substantialy increase your chances of not only winning the big one but also the possibility of winning multiple smaller divisions!


  43. Squizzy Taylor

    Since when did doubling the chance of winning the top prize in any thing appeals to people. I am a regular 50 game play at a cost of $76.20 per week . well thank you just convince me it’s time to get out



  44. Mick Lee

    Yet another price increase with no extra money in the prize pool. I stopped playing ozlotto when they went to 7 numbers. I will now boycott powerball. At least i can play at lottoland for another 6 months.


  45. er

    Tatts refuses to increase our commission and they prefer advertising on Spotify encouraging customers to tip us. what a joke ,cant be any lower than that


  46. Connie Coburg

    let’s hope that with online powerball (and sat/mon & wed lottos)that we can take just one game the same as oz lotto.


  47. John

    I have been playing power ball for years but it has seven numbers soon . I will not be playing any more.


  48. Gordon WORRALL

    Division 7 used to require 4 numbers. Now it requires 5 numbers. There is no prize for 4 numbers. WHAT A RIPOFF!


  49. Trevor

    Tabcorp now run Powerball and other ex Tatts branded lotteries. Looks like a cash grab to me. Greater cost and hugely reduced chance of winning the big prize. Will give Powerball a miss from now on.


  50. Michael Gray

    I always play 16 standard entries for $14-85. Now I it will cost $19-30 for the same number of standard entries. An increase of 29.30%. Where is the ACCC particularly now the Government is introducing legislation to outlaw Lottoland because they are missing out on some tax revenue.
    Let the Government introduce legislation responsibly


  51. Peter Smith

    so a powerhit will increase from 18.60 t0 24.00, that’s a 5.40 increase, love how they tell u its only going up 25 cents a game, powerhits and systems cost way more than that.
    Why does tatts have the monopoly on lotteries, time to let other companies in


  52. Daryl

    the only reason the game is being changed is to increase the profitability of the company, as were changes in the past. I have had enough of their greed and will no longer be participating in Powerball. I will be saving about $20 -$30 per week. I urge others to also do the same.


  53. peter vas

    love most of the comments here unfortunately most people still don’t understand how the gambling industry works and how the various state governments are complicit in the running of these nefarious gaming companies…


  54. Peter

    It’s not just Lottoland that you can have a punt with. You can actually genuine US Megamillions, US Powerball, Euromillions even us in good old Australia etc. Let me repeat it, GENUINE tickets through thelotter.com & they have been featured in the New York Times & NBC Television with regards to some of their winners. Don’t believe me; go into GOOGLE & type in NYT – THELOTTER – IRAQ or NBC THELOTTER – IRAQ


  55. Lorenza

    Absolute greed! There is no need for greater jackpots. How much is ever enought.

    I will not be playing powerball as I have in the past. I will reduce the amount of games so that I not out pocket any more than I am now. I am sure many will follow suit


  56. Lorenza

    Absolute Greed!!!!!!!

    I for one will not be playing into their hands. I will reduce the amount of games I play so that I am not out of pocket any more than I already am.

    Why the need for greater jackpots, surely powerball jackpots enough as it is sometimes upt to 30 to 50 million. What on earth would one need more for? Absolute greed. Leave the game alone.


  57. Lorenza

    Let comment stand


  58. James

    Lotto land is abetting agency. You don’t win the division you are actually betting your numbers come up for a share and lotto land get the main benieft. I maybe wrong but lottoland is a scam


  59. Amanda

    It would really be good to see more winners. If the jackpot is bigger then the jackpot should be shared around. Like if their is a roll over for a few weeks devide the jackpot between 10 people ( or more) it is better for 10 people to each win $5mil that one person winning $50 mil.


  60. Chris

    I am amazed anyone is still buying tickets. Yes … you are offering more prizes but only at lower levels..and those odds aren’t good. The odds of winning first prize are now ridiculous. The people buying tickets aren’t getting more money. …the only one benefiting from these changes is the company running Powerball/Ozlotto …they are giving very small returns with huge odds against winning. .. Stop sugar coating your money grab!


  61. George

    I work at a Lotto Shop.
    People STOP playing OzLotto and PowerBall and ONLY play Mon / Wed / Sat the odds are much better Play your Mon/Wed Birthday numbers four (4) times as the guarantee $1 Million each up too four (4) winners (I play my numbers 4 times so If I win I will win $4 Million) If there’s no other division 1 winner, if there is you will share the $4 Million Dollars and just play Saturday (The original lotto game) Also STOP playing Set for Life the odds are hard (Only 32 winners in nearly 1000 draws) You do the Math.


  62. peter vas

    @ George… good comment agreed with everything you said unfortunately my understanding is THE LOTT is also going to make changes to Saturday lotto also Monday Wednesday lotto sometime down the track it’s already being planned…do some research and you will understand how the nefarious gambling industry works it will make your head spin.


  63. dave

    i agree with all of the above and I will stop playing powerball but the sad part is when the jackpot skyrockets to 100/200/300m we will all be spending a small/large fortune trying to win it and lotteries know this that’s why they are doing it


  64. Paul

    This change is probably more about Tatts trying to fight off Lottoland and forcing the government to pass the laws to ban their offering. Ie Tatts can then say they offer the big jackpots as well leaving no point of difference between the two. I for one will be disinclined to play Powerball under the new rules.


  65. wolfgang

    I don’t understand why they keep increasing the numbers – first you needed 5 plus the power ball ( which was bloody hard to get) then they increased it to 6 plus the power ball ( which is even harder as can be seen when it can take up to 10 weeks to win) now they are increasing to 7 plus the power ball – goodness knows how long it will be before it goes off.As a long standing power ball player the lower division prizes are getting smaller so why pay extra for a virtual no win situation. This is not a good move and should have been researched further with a marketing survey to get a feel of what the public want not what greedy management want.


  66. John

    I will continue playing powerball as i never use numbers 36-40.


  67. Rosemary W

    I think nsw Lotto are leaving things all to the last minute. I went in to my newsagency today and she stated that there would be flyers showing people how to fill out. I think that should have happened weeks ago. I do not know if there will be a system 8 and if I can only play 2 games and how much it will cost.


  68. Paul

    Don’t forget the disastrous female American Premier of NSW who flogged off the lotteries which initial purpose was for roads and hospitals. Not to fatten the stock market or the Smart Alex Slicks in suits who don’t need a win because their overpaid wages is a regular Win at the expense of the you _ the goose! There is absolutely no reason to increase any lottery fees, except corporate and tax profits. Joe public long neck _ white feathers.


  69. peter vas

    @Paul…Brilliant paul could not have said it better myself.. .LOL


  70. David

    Well I’ve just put in my final P/Ball after playing for 20yrs. Reason being is that if I were lucky enough to go out with a bang this week I would have a share in millions or 6 would retire my 25yr old vehicle and get me a new bed and tv. Next week neither a 6 or 6 & PB could do that. Plus if my numbers finally came up next week I would be peeved for the rest of my life that they chose to come up then and not the week before so not taking the risk is the best way to go. I wish all here lots of luck in whatever you do.


  71. Ross Murison

    I am reducing my online ticket by two rows so that I am paying a similar amount; from 10 rows, down to 8.
    My single Powerhit 20 entry is also going from $18.60 to $24 so I have stopped my $8.10 Set For Life Ticket altogether and also dropped my $2.40 Monday and Wednesday tickets as these tickets offer virtually no prize unless you get first division.
    So Tatts are doing a clean up and so am I. My weekly spend will now be less.


  72. Ross Murison

    If you want to know all about the new Powerball, I always go to the LotteryWest website. So much more informative than the Tatts website


  73. joe d

    Well looks like i won’t be spending as much as i did before on Powerball. A few years back before they made changes we often got small division winners. Then they made changes and hardly get those small divisions anymore.
    I am not greedy, i do not need 30 million dollars plus!Why should one person win so much? I would prefer the old traditional lottery tickets they had many years ago with numbers on them. But what they should do is instead of having one winner getting a big jackpot ….draw out eg 30 tickets and each person gets one million dollars. Imagine over one year how many people would have a million dollars.
    I know some will say one million is nothing these days, you cant even buy a nice house for a million dollars these days. Ok then make it 2 million per person. But then again, i would not mind one million dollars.


  74. Elias

    OH S*&^, I just read that they’re shutting down the Soccer Pools! I know it was always a “niche” product, but I really enjoyed poring over the match list each week! I suspect the odds were simply “too good” for them to continue? Anyone able to clarify why Soccer Pools is being shut down?


  75. Kevin

    Let me be very blunt here. Powerball is a game of chance. The changes are refreshing in terms of higher jackpots.

    So what if a single person wins $100 million under the new formant (7 numbers between 1 to 35 & a Powerball from 1 to 20)? Get over it. Capping the jackpot at a mere $10-20 million will reduce the demand for higher jackpots which ultimately increase both revenue & sales.

    All I’m seeing within these comments is socialist, communist, wealth redistribution agendas. Yes, the odds of winning Powerball first division have exponentially decreased (1 in 135 million); but it is the quick route to capitalism & empire building should one be diligent with the windfall (tax free of course).

    A $100 million jackpot means buying a $10 million Toorak mansion, several nice high end Swiss timepieces, fractional ownership of a private jet & investments in bonds & shares. You simply are unable to fulfill all this will just $10 million.

    Bring on the changes. I cannot wait.


  76. dave

    maybe its time you moved to America were you can win 1billion, why would such a gentleman like yourself have to settle with a miserly 10m, leave that for us peasants


  77. peter vas

    @kevin… your talking nonsense kevin playing powerball and other lotteries and winning major prizes have nothing to do with chance and luck.. the gambling industry don’t make their profits through chance and luck…the LOTT like any other big business has an obligation to make profit and good dividends for their shareholders….if you believe the integrity of the gambling industry just type in more joyous gai waterhouse and you will “hopefully” understand corruption and the gambling industry go hand in hand.. . cheers


  78. Mark

    Personally I dont care what they do with the game as after all it is all just a punt. Now I do miss Tatts 2, Keno and will surely miss the Pools. I will still play it and heres a clue.. when choosing your numbers for any lotto game, leave out the previous weeks numbers as rarely do they come up back to back. Check this out and you will find I am right.
    Then play a system entry with the reduced grid of numbers left and dramatically reduce your odds. Do the research on previous draws and give it a go, works very well for me. ☺


  79. GMo

    Tatts nearly lost me when they dropped payments for 3 winning numbers. Now they seem determined to make winning division 1 harder and charging more for the privilege. Add an extra division that will probably pay less than the cost of a quick pick ticket and you can say “goodbye”. While I’m at it, I think I’ll review OzLotto and maybe even Monday/Wednesday draws.

    Super jackpots don’t really interest me because they are aimed at greed. I’m more interested in modest wins. It’s been a long time since I won a couple of thousand dollars; which I put down to the greed of Tatts and making the odds too high.


  80. peter vas

    @GMo….I don’t play lotteries anymore now that “insiders” have informed me how the gaming industries work but I hope you and others who still play lotteries and people here making comments WIN something decent i really do…its going to be interesting to see what happens to powerball in Australia in the coming weeks and months with all these changes and also the future planned overhaul of Saturday, Monday and Wednesday lotto.. cheers


  81. david@anglevalenews

    @peter vas you’re talking nonsense, playing powerball and other lotteries and winning major prizes is all about chance and luck.

    You are, however, correct that the gambling industry don’t make their profits through chance and luck. They take their profit first, then calculate the dividends. No risk required.

    Even the old fashioned rails bookmaker overcame chance and luck by setting his book to 125%.


  82. peter vas

    @david@anglevalenews….thanks for your response to one of my comments about chance and luck in gambling especially lotteries….most people will agree with you david that for players to win major prizes in lotteries it’s all down to chance and luck but myself i don’t believe it for a minute.. You sound like a real decent nice person so let’s just say we can agree to disagree and leave it at that …cheers


  83. Mark

    @ peter vas,
    You seem well informed on behind the scenes.
    What changes are going to take place for Sat, Mon, Wed lotto ?
    Where on the net did you find this info please ?


  84. peter vas

    @mark.. .. Apparently THE LOTT is waiting to see and hear feedback and responses from customers on the changes to powerball first draw being 19th of April 2018…MY understanding from people in the know is Changes to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday lotto are only in the “planning stages” and The success or failure of the new powerball with customers will determine how quickly changes are made or not made to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday lotto….If you try and get information from the THE LOTT on future changes to their lottery games all you get from them is denial which is par for the course as usual….hope this information helps mark if it doesn’t you can blame me. …cheers



  85. Dan

    I play $34.75 every week on Saturday Monday Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto and Powerball.

    I made a decision some time ago that if the formula on any game changes I’ll stop playing. It presents an opportunity to stop and not need to worry “but what if my numbers come up”

    Odds are they’ll never come up anyway but now I don’t have Powerball “numbers” as such because the formula has changed.

    If they change any of the others I’ll stop playing those as well


  86. peter vas

    @dan… I agree with everything you said…This is the second time in five years big changes have been made to Australian powerball and the new changes are similar to those made to oz lotto back in 2005 and as usual the prices you pay to play these games sky rocket … THE TATTS group are going to make a huge mistake if down the track they make big changes to the” traditional ” Saturday lottery which has been around since the early 1970’s… I’m getting way to nostalgic now.. cheers


  87. jack

    how many people making comments here are going to play the new powerball this Thursday 19th April 2018?…For the people that do play i hope you all have a big win not just for this week but every week..


  88. Peter W M

    An extra $12.50 per 50 game ticket and harder to win. Not bloody likely, bye, bye Powerball.


  89. Lorraine

    I play 2 power hit games. Increase is $11. I don’t like that you now need 7 balls to win when just a few years ago it was only 5 balls needed. It’s just like oz lotto and I stopped playing that for the same reason, extra ball plus too expensive. I did buy a oz lotto in one of the big draws and got 5 numbers plus a supplementary number and won $300. Not my idea of a big win. So save it, not interested. You’ve lost me, I’ll be sticking to lotto. The wins aren’t huge but chances of winning a major prize are significantly better.


  90. peter vas

    @peter W M… A lot of powerball players will have the exact same sentiments as your good self my friend….


  91. Bob

    I may be corrected but my calculations say the odds of winning first division have gone from 76,767, 600 to 1 to134,490,400 to 1 , After all people play it for the big prize , not just their money back . I won’t play it any more , thanks anyway .


  92. David M

    Didn’t know about these changes until after I had asked for my Slikpik 25 today – $30? When did this go up I asked – the lady said there had been a lot of publicity and handed me some information. Anyway, used to love Powerball with 5 + PB, played occasionally when it went to 6 + PB. Will not play ever again now that it has gone to 7 + PB. Chances of winning now 135 million to 1? That’s it.


  93. peter vas

    @Bob and @David M….brilliantly said both of you.


  94. steven chiverton

    the chances of wining division one and two have decreased now


  95. roxanne

    No way will i support this increase.most budgets will will not be able to support this outrageous increase. I have already dropped the number of games I play for this week and may consider a total block out on powerball as I did to ozlotto. It’s too hard to get the numbers and the low end payouts are crap!


  96. peter vas

    @Steven chiverton and @Roxanne. .. Spot on very well said…. Now that TABCORB holdings (deliberate typo) have gotten their grubby claws and swallowed up THE TATTS group things are about to get a whole lot worse for lottery players.. and I really mean a whole lot worse..


  97. Andrew T

    Can you stop this thread now. Boring


  98. peter vas

    @Steven chiverton and @Roxanne… Very well said brilliant …. This is my last reply on this thread and website about the new powerball changes because the moderator of this Australian newsagency blog has deleted my previous comment because I hit a raw nerve…So I wish people who continue to play powerball and other lotteries all the best and hope you all have a big WIN..


  99. Michael

    @Peter Vas. While your opinion is welcomed you have to remember this is a blog for newsagents. A lot of whom, myself included who are just as miserable regarding the changes as the customers are. We come here to find solutions/ideas/inspiration and try to build our businesses which are unfortunately heavily controlled by these big corporations that treat us poorly also.

    All i have seen in this thread is you cheerleading for all the people saying they will not be playing any further. We as agents are NOT happy regarding losing very important sales to us. By all means speak with your money and stop buying the product if you feel it is out of place, i do the same thing personally but please stop burying the poor souls who are behind the counters trying to make a living. Remember please. It wasn’t your local newsagents fault these changes took place. We suffer too.
    Over the last week i have been abused and told by customers they will no longer play which is fine. But by no means makes me a happy camper.


  100. peter vas

    @michael… please accept my apologies I know small businesses are doing it tough these days.. I hope everything goes well for you and your fellow newsagents and again please accept my sincere apologies…kind regards Peter Vas


  101. Donnella Buxton

    I have had to cut my spending allowance on lotto ,oz and powerball because it has become to expensive. I have a system that I have develop but now I have had cut it in half so I now I win less times. They where only small wins but better than nothing.
    I would love to see a lotto type game where you could win up to 200,000 dollars with the odd not in the millions. I would be extremely happy if I could win anything more than hundred dollars!!! The Lottery commission make millions of dollars from the poor and their profit margins are ridicules! and we are the suckers.


  102. Brian

    Interesting comments by Peter Vas regarding changes to Sat , Monday and Wednesday Lotto .
    A little while back i wrote to every organisation representing Lotto agents ( such as newsagents ) in every state with my suggestions on how Lotto could be improved and give the Lotto buyer more choices so it could stay ahead of challenges such as Lottoland etc . Hardly got a reply back . Any my main suggestion was to introduce a ( partial or slick, quik pik ) where the buyer could mark in a separate column his/her special numbers , eg 1 and 40 , so 1 and 40 would be in every game and the other numbers to be drawn randomly . Or alternately the buyer could choose the Power Ball and the other numbers be drawn again randomly


  103. Brian

    Mark , your comments April 12th about not using last weeks numbers is a fallacy , sorry !
    In my games every week ( Sat Lotto ) i always have at least 1or 2 numbers from last weeks draw , probably about 80% of the times there will always be a number (s ) from last weeks draw , and i am including the supps in my statistics


  104. Mike

    I have been a regular powerball, Ozlotto & Saturday lotto players.We here in Guam pay $9 for a single play except on Saturday’s game which gives us 6 lines for $9. Call it a rip off and now the odds for powerball are even worse. Instead of changing it to 7 + 1PB just increase the(number range) like the U.S powerball or mega millions 5 numbers + 1PB


  105. Klaus

    I believe that with the Extra Powerball number that takes those numbers now to 7 and the Powerball number taking the lot to 8 numbers instead of 7 numbers total , is far less chance to win that before ! I believe that the Powerball Hierachy have come to the Conclusion that they are Paying out more Money , rather than Filling their Coffers ! My OPINION only !!


  106. Perry Bassett

    What a heap of crap ! they said the very same thing when they cut out system 6 , they claimed , there will be more winners,, what they dont say is this ! the dividends will be far more lower , the cost will go up and what does that mean ? those running it will make more money .


  107. Perry Bassett

    This is what they will NEVER tell you. A few yrs ago , there was a system 6, cost $3.25 approx and the dividend for 3 plus PB = $390.00. Then it went to system 7 ,cost $ 5.20, 3 plus PB = $190.00. So the cost went up around 80% while the dividend went down by approx 80%, NOW !! I will have to pay over $10.80 for a system 8, an increase of over 100% and I can tell you , the dividend will go down by about the same. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO RIP OFF THE PUBLIC . APPARENTLY THEY ARE NOT CONTENT WITH JUST MAKING HALF A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.. FOR THE 1ST TIME IN OVER 10 YEARS . I WILL NOT BE PLAYING POWER BALL .


  108. pilgram

    Was a powerball player until today, your changes to the game adds the loss of another supporter to Lottoland.


  109. chas

    thanks a lot powerball stuffing up my numbers by adding more, was i asked if i wanted those numbers no. oh by the way i did not win anything with the new numbers, why is tattersals so selfish no communication online or no letter sent as i am registered not even an email to ask me would like to choose my own numbers they choose it for them selves so you don’t win, yes i do know i can change my numbers when i want to. thanks a lot tatersalls you buggered my day.


  110. Mark

    Harder to win eh, Well someone won it tonight.
    @Brian, leaving out the previous draws or past two ddaws certainly works for me. I regularly win smaller prizes mutiplied by the size of the systems I play.
    Typically I will play a system 9 or two 8s or sometimes seven 7s.
    Works for me and get a grab very often but yet to crack 1st div.


  111. Brian

    Mark congrats on your success your method , playing my method won Div 2 circa 1980 , Div 1 in 1987 with syndicate but my numbers , Div 3 bout 7/8 times all with sydicates again my numbers , countless 4th 5th and 6th , normally dont go more than 3 weeks without winning something but this year has been leaner , only 2 wins


  112. Brian

    apologies for going sideways with the thread but is there a forum where people who take Lotto seriously can share ideas , strategies etc ??
    Did find a bit on Whirlpool forum but never met so many knockers if you dare voice a strategy on being more succesful , woe betide ?!!


  113. Rod Kaye

    What a load of crap. Shoving through changes with little to no time to react. Very poor effort. What if you had specifically selected numbers that were selected for a reason. No time to have a look at that and fix it. Just slam in some random numbers to make it comply so they get your money. Plus pay more to maybe, possibly, could win more. What morons sat in the back room playing in the dsrk and dreamt up this crap. Only a moron comes up with a plan to increase revenue with just a price increase. Make the product better and ar the same cost will have more customers playing. Very angry and may just cancell all the games.


  114. Lou

    Cost to play increases and alternatively dividend payment reduces. As Oz Lotto where the increase has hurt them well some genius has decided to screw the people playing even more. Won’t play again and the only time i may think about putting an entry in is when my choice of numbers is not known by a computer system prior to the draw because trust is something i don’t have in lotteries. Change will only favour Tatts.


  115. phil

    thats it for power ball iam out never to return
    as if they dont make enough profit out out it
    this is not for the consumer its all about making more money


  116. Colin, Malvern SA

    Spending $14 on regular to receive less than $10 on div 9 does not feel like a win. Hope the boffins got their calculations right cos from my perspective, the changes fail the smell test.


  117. Phredd

    I guees the lott got it wrong again! They tell us the changes and extra money payed in will give us more winners and bigger prizes? Last weeks 2nd division was down on average about $80,000 on previous jackpot draws yet that prize pool percentage is supposed to be the same as before 1.1%??? Guess nobody played powerball last week??


  118. Damo

    Complete twist. Yes greed.


  119. Mark

    Maybe if the public at large boycott powerball then some seat shiner will decide to eat humble pie and revert back to the original format ?
    I feel sorry for the hard working Newsagents paying for expensive refits etc just to be shafted by The Lott.
    Not to mention the fact that the poor agent has to compete with their own product online.
    Shamè on you The Lot, Shame on you.


  120. Dick Markwood

    I’m sick of being forced to change my favourite numbers and it’s becoming too expensive. We’re not in it to pick up the odd minor prize, so stop mucking with it.


  121. Emily Emms

    I played last week’s new power-ball and was shocked to see the worst division payouts ever. Do your maths, so make it pay you virtually need 7 numbers.
    If you get 4 numbers without a power-ball, too bad, you lose!
    Look up the divisions of 6 numbers


  122. Terry

    Pathetic lotto: They should not have changed it in the first place
    but since they did:

    Under the stated aim of bigger prizes:
    Division 9 should have gone to division 2 and 3 and a little bit to division 4

    Division 9: Who ever said they wanted a return Of $10.

    $9.90 $2,736,498.60 276414 2 pb

    Power ball could have looked something like this with the potential of jackpots division 1 – 3

    1 $8,000,000.00 $8,000,000.00 1
    2 $1,187,055.70 $1,187,055.70 1 instead of the $187,055
    3 $42,858.14 $1,114,311.60 26 instead of the $4,396
    4 etc
    Despite the price increase starting jackpot is still 3 million
    Perhaps they have increased the distribution to charities? oops that is div. 9
    Royal commission into banks why not another royal commission.
    They will only listen if you hit them in the hip pocket.


  123. steven chiverton

    with the new powerball out i find its a con, and the 4 number wins you used to get with the other powerball, before the changes were made dont pay out for a 4 number win, unless you have the hard to get powerball, so now the divisions are all harder to get and play , the effect will be felt when lotto sales go down cause of this damaging change


  124. Mark

    I have said in a previous post that I would still play.
    Well I have looked at the dividends for tonights draw and I will never play this game again.
    The greed shown by Tattersalls is basically abhorent.
    I cant for the life of me understand their mentality in reducing the dividend payouts and as for not getting a prize for 4 numbers, well they must think the general public are thick. George Adams would surely be turning in his grave.


  125. Not a powerball fan

    One of my Customers had 6 numbers and the power ball last night,they won $5000 dollars. 2 weeks ago they would have been multi millionaires.


  126. Not worth the money

    I’ve played a power hit entry ever since it begun, not anymore, dividends are shit.


  127. Lesley

    I have been an avid Powerball player for more years than I can remember, but missed my first game ever last week. The dream of the big one seems so much further out of reach and I’m paying more to try and achieve it. Lost the love 🙁


  128. Nivid

    Went to buy lotto tickets today. I was shocked to see the big jump in prices for Poweball, which then led me to do further research on the matter. So here I am fully pissed-off with the greed of it all, the increase in prices, the less chance to win the jackpot, and the miserly amount of money for minor prizes. Who the hell needs to win $100M, when $3M-$10M will last you a life-time! F—k the changes!


  129. PAT. E

    Not a Powerball fan.
    I feel their pain the six numbers that ive used for years came out in Oz Lotto 2 weeks after they went to 7 numbers.
    Still makes me want to cry!
    Id be a long time former newsagent by now.


  130. Colin

    Received posters this week. Including one for $150m jackpot. Guess that will be the true test of the changes.


  131. David

    I used to think it unnecessary when jackpots hit the $30 million mark plus. I also thought it would be a good idea to spread the increased payouts to lower tiers so if a div 1 was not won it could jackpot by 5 million and a million could be added to the next five lower prize levels making it a little easier to get a better return. Having a prize that doesn’t even cover a base cost is stupid. Powerball is now too expensive and much harder to win so I won’t be playing any more.


  132. Mhel

    Very disappointed as 4 solid numbers don’t mean a thing anymore. What more wins???
    I thought I had won with 4 solid numbers and 3 numbers with a powerball. Got to the news agency and shocked to only had won $16.55 for my 3 numbers +powerball and not on my 4 numbers because apparently it’s been abolished. That sucks Tattslotto.


  133. Nigel

    I don’t play lotteries but enjoy the mathematics of them.

    Last Thursday, the division 2 winners only got $57k for a 1 in 7 million chance!!! What a massive rip off! They should be getting at least $1 million.

    They should do the following:

    1) Remove division 9 and add that prize pool into divisions 2, 3 and 4 (the division 9 prize of $9.90 is not going to change people’s lives as most of them probably paid more for the ticket!)

    2) If they want more winners, reduce the amount of powerballs from 20 to 15. The chance of winning the jackpot will still be 1 in 100 million but at least customers will be met halfway.


  134. Moz

    We purchased our 10 week ticket prior to the changes to power ball, this week we have 5 numbers plus the power ball. what used to be division 3 is now division 5. this is a lot less pay out. Even though we bought our ticket before the changes ! I’m guessing if the pay out was to be more with the new changes, they’ed say the ticket was bought pror & not pay the greater amount.


  135. Sissy

    I am done with NSW Lotto, 2nd prize has been cut down big time I won 6 numbers and got $1500 now lucky to get $500…what idiot changed this…I bet their bonus is bigger than the rubbish prizes given out now….pc bullshit must give everyone a prize concept…why bother when you only get peanuts….


  136. Owen

    I think the whole premise behind people playing lotto is the chance of winning the “big one” but when the odds blow out to almost being nearly truly immpossible you lose the desire to invest your money. Lost me forever I’m afraid- Bye Bye


  137. Rob Chapman

    I’m done with this crap. Chance of winning Division 1 is too low now. There will be less winners each year and it could get to ridiculous levels like half a billion dollars which is what these clowns are looking for to get publicity. Privatisation, isn’t it fantastic!


  138. Perry

    Whether the jackpot is $100billion, I will never buy PB anymore. Had 4 numbers last draw and no price. Really!. This change to 7 numbers just like the Tuesday lotto is the last straw. I’ll stick to playing Saturday lotto.


  139. stu

    what idiot changed this… I got 4 numbers , more than half the numbers to win the lot ( most unusual ) and got zilch !!!!! Gotta get 5 now, or at least get the powerball. Lost this player


  140. The Pom

    As Stu said May 23, me same last night, 4 numbers and nothing, Really!?!? Trying to make out more prizes, at the expens of other divisions. 4 = nothing, No more PB for me either, The not happy Pom.


  141. Mack

    They say it improves the odds of winning I reckon not that’s just a marketing play.
    I used to win fairly consistently on power ball but won’t touch it now with the new system.
    Sat lotto is cheaper and while lower prizes..Is my preference now.


  142. John mick

    Alright now lets honestly think about it they increased the numbers 6 from the 40 and changed is to 7 number from 35 and they tell you its better for the sake of higher jackpot prices. Alright 1st of all the chances of winning division one price became lower then before so your chances of winning the jackpot decreased this will benefit the lotto mafia company it is better for them so they can pinch some money off every draw you honestly think that they are making the changes to benefit the people these people only think about themselves.
    If they are honest they would decrease the powerball number from 20 number to 15 or 10. This will keep the odds as they were and therefore people can win more prices
    These people are just a bunch of crooks never touching PB anymore with this new system or unless they decrease the powerball numbers from 20 to 15 or 10.
    They previously f*cked up oz lotto now they f*cked up powerball
    They are just a bunch of idiots rip offs, crooks


  143. Nikki

    Powerball division 7 used to be 4 numbers.
    Approx payout $40. Last week i got 4 numbers and the payout is $0. Not even a division. Forget powerball.


  144. Lou

    If you don’t have the powerball number you will need a minimum of 5 numbers from 7 to have a return on your entry. Who is getting shafted here?. Obviously the players that play this ridiculous game.


  145. Con

    Firstly with this ridiculous change to Powerball, they took it upon themselves to change my numbers on my tatts card which I purposely selected and have been using for several years any without consultation. I find this to be inconsiderate. Why do they think I would be happy with this.

    Also, if they want to make it easier for people to win, why don’t they also include wins for 3 numbers and 4 numbers without the powerball as winning divisions.


  146. Lance

    Con #146…….

    Also, if they want to make it easier for people to win, ……

    psst……….they don’t 😉


  147. Tony

    There is no prize paid for getting 4 straight numbers. Why doesn’t Tatts add this as a prize?


  148. Ricki

    They don’t pay out for 4 numbers which I have got twice in the space of one month. They have lost me, I will not waste my money on Powerball anymore.


  149. Gary

    At the risk of going against Tatts policy of using the L word, get over it you bunch of losers. The game is flowing just fine and everyone except you mob of whinges have adjusted to the new game.


  150. Barrie

    We can only wait with wonderment for the next move from Tabcorp, where I think Saturday night will be next cab off the rank for change. This lotto has always produced good dividends.

    With new Powerball I believe to get a five number dividend to achieve is a lousy result if you miss out on powerball, does mean for me back to Saturday lotto.Leave Powerball alone until first dividend exceeds $20m; will soon show the operator – we made a mistake – how do we correct to make all sides happy.

    Happy days Tabcorp



  151. Medic

    I Stopped playing it an extra number now your chance of winning first prize is 134.5 million to one by all mean’s make yr weekly donation to Tabcorp share holder’s
    Buy Tabcorp share instead and get your dividend


  152. James

    Since changing from 3 straight which used to be 7 division win, to 3 and the PB, Tatts has only made it harder to win back some money.
    Including the PB in the other divisions has only made it harder to get a prize in any division now, it’s obvious to me it’s a Con by Tatts to say bigger Jackpots and more winners, rubbish, more numbers required now, by including the PB in most divisions for a prize win.
    Bugger there bigger 1st division claim, who cares, not me.


  153. Shan

    Many people been assuming it will be harder to win, but what I see is that the frequency of winning the jackpot is same as old game.

    Although player has to have 7 numbers plus Powerball, but you get to choose one extra number out of smaller range of numbers and Tatts got to drawn within that smaller range too! So I see a better chance to win! But PowerHit seem to be the way to play, not necessary to be paid good every time, but the chance is hard to avoid letting us win!


  154. Jenny

    I’ve been playing for years and I think this is a backward step. My sister has stopped playing her 4 weekly tickets. I’m think of pulling out after my next ticket runs out. The payout for all the prizes is pretty dismal. It’s only if the win 1st division, and that was always pretty hard anyway.


  155. Emily Sprague

    One person to win $40m / $50 million is obscene – all funded by the small punters –
    The game is harder than ever to win any prizes and the returns are an insult.
    Australians are hoodwinked. I am just going to stick with Gold Lotto


  156. Honshi

    Hey hi everyone, yep they are greed personified that’s for sure, they make over a hundred million on all the major draws every time, and have done so for decades! their coffers are in the billions now, but they still have to screw the little person in the street, don’t they??!!, the extra number of power ball, just doubled or more the lack of a chance to win the big one, the lousy bastards, so why play any of their games at all? One day the people behind all these false dream weaver, bullshit games , will find themselves, in the hands of a very angry mob, enjoy your rip offs while you can, tattersales, but there is a day of reckoning coming, you should be funding all the public hospitals and schools with those big fat coffers of yours, just remember , you can’t take it with you.


  157. Sam

    Greedy! If anyone likes playing lottos, avoid Powerball, Oz lotto and For Life. They are low chance you will win division 1-3. So, it means you are wasting your money out there. Best plays are Saturday lotto. Why? Most statistics, Division 1 prizes of Saturday lotto weren’t move to next round. Why Powerball moved a lot?


  158. Rebecca

    It annoys the hell out of me that I get 4 straight numbers in 3 lines and not a cent return. I won’t play powerball anymore.


  159. Jackie

    Thanks a lot for changing the powerball I could now be a whole lot richer with 6 numbers plus the powerball (which I won) and have played the same numbers for years, but instead of winning 1st Division I won 3rd definitely not the same. Although I’m greatful for something im terribly disappointed and pissed off at the same time.


  160. Elaine Winter

    I decreased the number of lines I play on Powerball as the odds of winning any substantial amount became too high with the new changes, also I no longer buy an extra ticket when the jackpot is high. I now save $8 a week, $426 per year.


  161. Terry

    It has happened, so we need to find a way to make the best of it, because we cannot change it.

    I think lotto syndicates are the way to go. With all 35 numbers covered in just 5 games, at least 2 of those games must have at least 2 numbers. Make those 5 games Powerhits and you must win something, plus it is the most organised way to attack the big one.

    I know it means 100 games, but with 10 members that is only around $10 each. I only play when the Jackpot is $20 Mill +, so everyone picks up a minimum $2 Mill. (Note that the cost of playing and the odds of winning stay the same whether First Prize is $5 Mill or $50 Mill – so I will not play until we hit $20 Mill).

    I agree with the comments that making it harder to win was a backward step – the answer (I think) is an organised group entry. And you can guarantee 3 main and the Powerball as a minimum (and several prizes) in just 800 games, so mega syndicates (20 members +) are, I think, the answer to mega jackpots.


  162. Andrew T

    Grasping at straws.


  163. Grant

    I have been a relatively big player for 18 months on all lotto games every week online. I tracked % return every week every game. Old Powerball returned 44% when it changed.

    New Powerball is returning 28%

    I will not play until the PB jackpots past $20 million


  164. Carlo

    For all of those negative comments about not winning a prize in Powerball for 4 numbers straight, surely you must understand that the odds of getting four straight is easier than getting two and a Powerball therefore that would require it as a division 10. So where do you stop.
    Jackie’s comment about 6 straight and the Powerball do you really think you would have had the same result with the different mixture of balls in the barrel it just does not make sense.


  165. Grant

    Terry comments that mega syndicates are the way to go on mega jackpots.

    I play NETLOTTO and LOTTERYWEST online as I am Australian not residing in Australia.

    I played PB $100m 2 NETLOTTO syndicates 1 X 20 @ 500 PowerPic & 1 x 10 @ 200 PowerPic.

    I also played my own 16 PowerPic so a total of 716 PowerPic games.

    Return was 30% of the punt on 5 games of 4 numbers and 27 games of 2 numbers.

    On 716 PowerPics???? I am not expecting to win big, but New PB is an odds/off & I am losing interest.

    I already do not play OZLOTTO, and 50% of my gambling budget now goes to Prize Homes.

    I am even considering LOTTOLAND with access to European lotteries for a while.

    In my view, I would prefer to see 50 Aussies $2m richer than 2 @ $50m.


  166. Bill Duffy

    I have been buying 24 numbers in Powerball for about 20 years. The change of format has made me play my last game. I would rather see 6 winners get a million each rather than 100 mil to one winner.
    I did enjoy playing until whoever the genius is who stuffed the game up regally.


  167. Grant

    OZLOTTO & PB Jackpot.

    Unheard of …….. I did not play.


  168. joe

    why one person needs to win 50 million when you can make 25 people happy ? two weeks in a row
    i got 4 numbers straight got f.a i cut back my
    spending on power ball i am thinking of giving
    it up
    to the tattslotto ceo change
    this system it stinks


  169. Grant

    For The Agents,

    This blog is for agents, I am not an agent, but I follow what is being said, Such as online gaming being 17% of revenue for LOTO now and agents want some of that action. Not unreasonable.

    Again for agents, a players view on the NEW PB. I only play POWERPIC.

    In the year up to the PB change in week 16 of 2018. I gambled $2800 returning $1250, I can live with that.

    In the 19 weeks of NEW PB, I have gambled on those jackpots @ $4000 returning $1100 ……. So the story of an extra division with more winners holds no water for me.

    The numbers speak for themselves …… I am sure I am not alone.

    Yes, initially you can expect big queue for big jackpots, until we are sick of it.

    And also expect smaller weekly spend, as folk see their $ go to jackpot they will never win week in week out.

    I am blowing PB off under $20m and I will cap my spend.

    I got DEAF Society, MATER & RSL prize homes with cars and bullion going off this week.

    I get a much better feeling from these than NEW PB.


  170. Grant

    OZLOTTO & PB Jackpot.

    Unheard of …….. I did not play.


  171. Grant

    OZLOTTO & PB Jackpot.

    Unheard of …….. I did not play.

    New interest rate rises for most.

    will we keep watching our $2.40 or $24 a game week disappear into jackpots?

    A pattern is emerging,

    For me, it has gotta be over $25m, and I might spend $150 on 6 POWERPIC.

    I was spending $55.60 a week ……… not anymore.


  172. Grant

    PB jackpots AGAIN !!!!

    Why play a weekly PB?

    It seems the odds of a jackpot are a way better punt than any one of the 134,490,400 odds each week winning.

    I will play 1 POWERPIC per each $5m next week @ $144, that is $55 less than I spent on old PB in the same weeks period.

    I would be interested to know how the weekly “TAKE” on PB is going now that we punters know it will jackpot 4:1 times than not.


  173. Fay

    Got 4 numbers on PB, didn’t realise there had been changes. Don’t play much. Went down excitedly to collect prize. Nothing!. No more Power Ball for this little black duck.


  174. Grant

    I played the $60m jackpot ………… first games in 12 weeks since Week 33, played 15 power pic

    Spent $380 won $75.

    Bye Bye, new PB sucks


  175. LANCE

    It’s becoming a common story isn’t it.
    The fun and chance has gone.


  176. Grant

    Yes it has Lance,

    New PB has existed for 34 Weeks, I played every week for the first 20 weeks.

    @ 20 weeks I calculated my $ return on $ spent to learn it had dropped 41% from Old PB @ 44% to New PB @ 26%

    So I decided to play only when the jackpot is over $25m. As of today, Nov 26th my entries (and therefore my spend) is down 54%. I have played once in the last 14 weeks.

    I tried NETLOTTO Syndicates for a few jackpots, that was a disaster returning cents on hundreds of games……. there-in lays a reality.

    As B B King sang “the thrill is gone” so also I am “gone away”


  177. Grant

    I had +/- $70 sitting in my NETLOTTO Account.

    So I purchased syndicates of 20 Power Hit and 35 other games of system and straight numbers.

    Today is PB JP $25 million, and this purchase is a “test case” for me.

    With PB odds as they are, I do not expect to even recover the purchase price, which if is the case, will surely be my last PB play.

    I still play Monday, Wednesday and Saturday including the $50 per million on the JP.

    Its the odds stupid!

    I know no-one reads this shit, but its good to write it off haha


  178. Grant


    Pretty much as I expected, $25m JP’s again and my syndicate outlay netted $8.02


  179. Brett

    1 in 3 adult Australians purchased a game @ $80m and it did not go off?

    What are the odds of winning if that many people play?

    And instead of 35 people being $3m better off, we might get a 1 off $100millionaire

    good luck …….. I will spend my $ on Saturday


  180. Jackie

    I am with you Brett,

    1 person wins $107m and the next level is 20 people win $90k.

    This is after god knows how many Aussies played this PB as it jackpotted week after week.

    If 1 person wins after 6 weeks when 1:3 Aussie adults are buying a PB ticket, seems the odds are much much more than 134m:1

    No more for me.


  181. Lance

    One person winning $107m……….that to me is obscene……………..

    Haven’t done it for 10yrs, but never, ever will I be participating in any lotteries.


  182. jackie

    I’m not a fan of how divisions have changed previously if you had four number you won something but now you win nothing unless you have the powerball number. Also its weird that the $80 million draw was delayed 3 hrs while the lady that won $107 million a week later found out after 1 hour someone needs to investigate.


  183. Deb

    It sucks

    The old way is better at least you only had to get 3straight for a prize or 2 and the powerball


  184. Jo

    I agree with Deb.The old way was much better we are spending more and not winning anything as you have to get too many numbers to win a small amount. I have heard so many people complain.


  185. Bradley

    I remember 5 years ago when I commented on the Powerball changes, I almost remember it like it happened yesterday!

    Now they’re telling us that we won’t be able to purchase tickets into Powerball Draw 1410 and beyond. Mark, do you have any idea what changes they’re making now?!


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