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Frustration continues with supplies of Daily Telegraph newspaper

More NSW newsagents have complained over the last few days about being supplied insufficient quantities of the Daily Telegraph. Newsagents who have used the News Ltd processes to increase supply have usually found that the request is ignored.

One newsagent I spoke with yesterday explained that they were due to not even be able to service all home delivery customers based on supply cutback. When they finally got through to a News representative they were told that the matter would need to wait until their area manager returns from holidays next week.  I found someone in a different area of News who was able to follow up – they resolved the situation and ensured additional stock.

While I am grateful that News was able to ultimately resolve the situation yesterday, it is frustrating that the newsagent was unable to achieve resolution through their contacts and that was only when I asked questions that progress was made.

The question I posed last week remains – is News killing newspaper sales?  While I don’t think so, newsagents with insufficient supplied to meet even basic requirements would answer yes to that.


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  1. ScottM

    I dont deal with the telegraph very much, my papers get delivered, I pay my bill, I very rarely have issues, seen a rep maybe 5 times in 9 years, (apparantley theres been about 3 new reps since the last one ive seen). However trying to sort out supply issues since christmas eve, I can only define them as incompetent.
    From iservices which will gladly decrease your supplies to zero in a split second, however when it comes to increasing them, it takes 2 days for approval, only for the system to overwrite it and drop it back down. then theres been the late night/early morning faxes to say that they can only give us the exact same supply from 7 days before. conveniently the same day I got 0! or as it was this morning, they couldnt even print key labels!


  2. Derek

    Good Post

    I dont think they are trying to kill of papers by the above method, other methods yes.

    Very frustrated since introduction of the new iservices Newspaper website.

    Same problem as ScottM – Also Receiving No Australians at the moment. Allocations are reset to Zero without my knowledge, without News Limited knowledge, thus no papers in the morning for me and many other frustrated customers.

    The most user unfriendly site I have ever visited and had to use.

    Circulation has a backlog of requests for help regarding allocations, lack of allocations, returns problems.

    Circualtion are unwilling to help in allocation changes. I am unsure why.

    If you adjust supplies up or down more that 10% it will not take (in built safety system) however it accepts the submission thinking all is ok to the user.

    Communication from News to its customers regarding a whole range of hiccups is not forth coming.

    Does not allow for special events, seasonal events, seasonal weather, etc etc.

    Area Manager on Annual leave.

    This website was designed without flexability, it has bugs and is not user friendly.

    The most important thing is customers are missing out on their papers and guess what company is benifitting?

    I am going to try and get this post to Mr Murdoch somehow. He needs to know the truth about what is happening.


  3. Richard

    Woolworths and Coles still seem to be getting their right allocations.
    I can feel a conspiracy theory coming on.


  4. Peter Stewart

    we had the same issues with newsLtd here. we ran out of australians by 9am each day between xmas and new year, and telegraphs by 10ish in the same period.
    i spoke to circulations a efw times about increasing my numbers with no result, rep back next week.
    yes the iServices web site really is bad.

    we recieved a fax before xmas with the quantities we were to expect from newsLtd and what we actually recieved was down about 15% down from those figures……

    do i think they are trying to kill print via shortages……… no, my experience over the last week or so, says it just pushes them to another publication…..
    perhaps the person in charge of distribution numbers is trying to win an award for saving the company on print costs…..


  5. Shauns

    5 Australians today and 7 sub agents to service .what a joke !


  6. andy

    i make sure that our homes deliveries and shop sales are looked after first so i would not deliver to any subs what else can you do?


  7. eric

    Rupert Murdoch available to be contacted by twiter


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