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Saturday lotto changes a bit ho hum

I’ve seen sales data from the Tabcorp states for the modified Saturday lottery game and they are flat. While the the dividing 1 prize value has gone up and ticket purchase price has gone up, sales volume was flat.

A newsagent asked me today to mention this here in case others commented. They had expected a sales bump and did not achieve it. They are wondering if they are alone.


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  1. Graeme Day

    Interesting comment. Some of the sales I have seen show certain segments of the retail sector in the newsagency grow and others diminish.
    The growth is what the results that have been published here as Cards -Gifts-Magazines and in some local high street situations stationery – Lotto, newspapers and service commodities are down. These commodities have on line facilitating access and the others don’t -well not for the stay at home local shopper.
    The sales were in the main down however the G.P. was either up slightly or at break even.
    This is from a limited sample howver backs the greater broad range that Mark has published.
    Product seems to be the Key purchase and therefore we need to look at what products we need to stock to satisfy our local community.
    This is our future use our past to create it.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    The data I have shared is national ticket sales volume. Last Saturday, it was 45.8M. For the September quarter, it was 46.8M.


  3. AVFC

    After 2 Saturday draws quite a few negative comments regarding the over 15% increase in the cost of play and significant reduction of division 6 dividend – last night only $7.90 compared to $11 to $13 in the previous format.


  4. PJ

    Dividend change is just to cover the excuse for price increase. Saturday is a safe bet to up the price on which means more for agents and Tabcorp. I tell people it’s better to play Mon and Wed can still use same numbers and on average win more in Div 1 than Sat usual sub million share and it’s cheaper. They won’t budge from Saturday, good old gamblers fallacy at work on favourite numbers. Played for 30 years so more chance of numbers coming up now.


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