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SA newsagents not listed on the SA government list of businesses permitted to remain operational during snap Covid lockdown

Here is the list issued by the state government a few minutes ago:

The following will be permitted to remain OPERATIONAL to maintain critical services only:

  • Critical infrastructure including power, telecommunications, water;
  • Supermarkets for essential food;
  • Medical supplies and medical services;
  • Public transport;
  • Airport and essential freight;
  • Petrol stations;
  • Post Offices and Banking institutions;
  • Child care and schools for essential services workers only;
  • Veterinary;
  • Essential agriculture services ;
  • Factories remain open for essential machinery upkeep and production of essential products only; and
  • Mining and smelting for continuity and to prevent damage.

In that state statement from the government a few minutes ago is this:

People will only be able to leave the house for the following reasons:

  • To go to work as an emergency services worker or to worker providing essential services;
  • For agricultural work;
  • To receive medical care including seeking COVID-19 testing;
  • To obtain medical supplies;
  • One person from the household once a day to attend supermarkets to obtain essential supplies;
  • Organised end of life visits;
  • In an emergency situation.

This is even clearer:

The following businesses will CLOSE:

  • Takeaway food services
  • Shops (excluding essential food services)
  • Universities and tertiary education facilities
  • Pubs/restaurants/café/food courts
  • Elective surgery/ except cancer
  • Open inspections and auctions
  • Fly in fly out worker
  • Aged care  and disability facilities will go into lockdown
  • Construction industry
  • Holiday homes and other holiday accommodation and no further bookings
  • Wedding and funerals cancelled and banned
  • Outdoor sport/fitness/exercise not permitted
  • Regional travel not permitted

Taking those three together, supermarkets are explicitly names, as are post offices, banks and petrol stations in terms of retail.

It is unexpected among suppliers and others involved with the newsagency channel that newsagents are not listed on this list. My understanding is that discussions are under way. The situation may change.


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  1. Mark Fletcher

    About half an hour ago the SA government allowed bottle shops to now open. No news yet on newsagents.


  2. Colin

    Bottle shops is a wrong decision.

    Newsagents provide no essential services. Newsagents have had an easy pandemic so far. Maybe their luck has run out.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Nothing has changed overnight. While lobbying has continued, newsagents are not on the list of businesses permitted to be open. However, if you are an LPO you are okay. Also, distribution centres can be open – but there is no definition as to what that is. The list continues to be revised.

    My suggestion to all SA newsagents is that you lobby your local member of parliament. Let them hear your voice re the role you play in keeping people informed. Make the point that you are as important as a supermarket and pet shop and more important than bottle shop. Stress that you offer a Covid safe business.


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