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The importance of online as a Plan B

One thing, of many, we have learnt this year is the importance of a Plan B revenue stream.

That’s what online revenue is, Plan B revenue, revenue for when your prime source of revenue is challenged.

Even if your shop is closed and cannot fulfil, you can collect orders. In Victoria, stores that were closed were permitted to fulfil online orders.

What is happening in South Australia should encourage newsagents to be active on a Plan B revenue stream.

If you are not online, get online. This means selling online. That’s my recommendation. What you do is up to you. However, if you are not online you are missing out for sure.

While I’d love the web team of my newsagency software company to create your site for you, shop around. Look at locally based Shopify developers with a small business retail track record. Shopify has the widest use. It also offers the marketing and sales tools key to give your business a competitive edge online.

The biggest challenge newsagents seem to have with online is what to sell. yes, it can be a challenge to work this out. However, it is worth the effort to work it out. Even if you fail the first time, lessons learned can be valuable.

Work on a Plan B so that lockdowns and other challenges may be less impactful for your business.


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