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What we stock plays into the narrative of our businesses

Mark Fletcher
April 23rd, 2021 · 1 Comment

I was grateful to find this range of unique handmade dolls that represent greater cultural and ethnic diversity than has been traditional in dolls.

Chasing volume sales is not always the priority when choosing items to offer in local indie retail. That is the case with this unique range of interactive dolls.

Customers comment about the range. We know they are something discussed outside the shop.

Having several niche product ranges like these dolls helps position the business outside of what is traditional in the toy / kids gifts space. It’s positioning we have sought as we build on the local indie retail narrative.

It’s hard work finding and stocking genuinely niche products, but it’s worth it in our experience.


Category: Social responsibility

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  • 1 VgYd // Apr 23, 2021 at 7:44 PM

    Mark I agree these dolls are a terrific product to help us position our stores in the market place. Like you say they are an example of a product that differentiates us from the volume based budget department stores and reject shops. We are presently stocking them in one of our front display windows and find that they attract a less price conscious shopper., typically doting grandmothers. The Toy/Kids Gift category continues to provide us with strong year on year growth


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