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The mid-store VM pitch in the newsagency

While there is no doubt that the front of any shop is key, the middle of the shop is equally important, but often neglected.

It’s in the middle of the shop where you get to speak to shoppers, people looking for something, people wanting to be sold to. People who spend Tim in the middle of the shop are less likely to be convenience shoppers or destination shoppers – depending on what is located where in your business.

We use the middle of the shop to tell stories of categories and ranges of which we are proud. Take our latest baby / young kid pitch.

This beautiful display, not done by me, is a stunning representation for the category. It is placed with cards for the same occasions nearby. It is also placed so as to not hit magazines from being seen from outside the business.

It’s a display unlike what a newsagency in Australia is known for, like many of our shop floor displays.

Shopper reaction has been wonderful through words and purchases, both are important, of course.

This mid-shop space has the same lease cost. make it work.

Key to success is that you do not have purpose made shop fixtures. Simple fixtures you can mode and adjust are key here. This allows you to crate for the requirements you have right now.

My message today is – look at that mid-shop space you have, think about how you can use it to benefit the narrative of your business. Don’t let it be wasted space, space in which you are not invested.

Retail newsagency management today is about innovation, with a budget, chasing a commercial outcome, in supporting of the narrative you want for your shop.

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