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Understanding the challenge of Covid variants

Given what is happening in Sydney at the moment and given the politically charged and too often inaccurate reporting by News Corp. and Nine Media outlets, take a moment to read this thread from Prof. Christina Pagel of the Clinical Operational Research Unit at University College London. This is a sober reflection from the UK on the challenge of Covid variants, something the NSW government is now becoming familiar with, despite insights from Victoria weeks ago.

I am sharing this as it reminds us retailers to be vigilant: wear masks even when not required by government, run clean businesses, ensure staff are clean and safe and to embrace QR code check in tech asap.

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  1. Peter

    Yes, scary stuff. I did some checking and several others in Britain are sharing similar insights. It seems, yet again, our federal leaders are dozing at the wheel.


  2. Jim

    Get jabbed. Simples.


  3. Michael

    Thanks for sharing. Chilling.


  4. Peter R

    Thank you for the insight. It clearly shows how genetics (DNA) in viruses can be very effective at growth and spread of a virus. Look at how quickly the D variant took over and spread. Vaccination are the only effective protection.


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