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Manual rosters are not worth the risk

With the likelihood of an audit relating to labour record keeping and management arrangements, implementing a software driven approach to roster management is essential in any retail business with more than 3 staff.

We are switched to Deputy. The cost is worth it for the additional features. It’s easy to setup, easy to use and offers good record keeping, which is what really matters.

We have tried a few prior to landing on Deputy for our businesses. I especially like their Xero integration.

I get that the old paper time sheet can be appealing. The thing is, with more management of businesses being done outside the business and with greater risks for poor record keeping, using a structured software solution makes sense in this labour management space.

I don’t have a commercial relationship with them.

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  1. Nick Cassimatis

    Mark, we’ve had deputy in our store (and previously when we had two stores) and it is a breath of fresh air! Simple, effective and easy to use. I think we are up to our 4th year on it now and for the small monthly outlay to be digital AND have xero intergration – its a no brainer for business.


  2. Ben Poland

    We’ve used Deputy for nearly 7 years now. Great product, and now that they have included paperless onboarding it makes my job even easier!


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