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It’s important to obsess about product images for websites

Product images are critical on websites. Not only do them help sell products but they also help sell the business.

Lazy product images pitch the business as lazy. Unprofessional product images pitch the business as unprofessional.

Obsess about product images and expect better commercial outcomes.

Here is a bad product image.

Here is the same image, looking much better.

To get from the first to the second image took around 25 seconds using a background removing tool. While the second image is not perfect, it is much better and will be more commercially successful than the first image.

This is on my mind today as I have spent some time reviewing several e-commerce websites for newsagency businesses. The easy, low hanging fruit, opportunity too improve each website I have looked at is fixing the images: removing backgrounds and sliding in a gentle colour to help the product shine.

There are plenty of easily accessible background removing tools out there.

A small amount of time invested in the images on your business website will result in better engagement and, hopefully, more sales. Certainly, the Google algorithms will notice the improved images.

You control the images you show on your website. This is why it is important that you invest time ensuring they are the best they can be.

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