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NSW government prefers to be half-pregnant with covid ‘restrictions’

The NSW Premier has said it’s not a lock down, rather, that it’s a stay at home order, and then pleaded for common sense.

A week on, we can see how that is playing out. Not well.

The NSW Chief health Officer today told people in NSW that retail was a problem setting for them:

While NSW and their federal friends have been quick in the past to criticise the stronger and more restrictive lockdowns in Victoria, history has shown that they work.

Retailers are told in NSW by the government to be open and that staff can cross Covid borders to get to and from work, but now they say the retail setting is problematic.


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  1. Steve

    Confusing yes but I think we need to remember the end game here. COVID is here to stay even with increasing vaccination rates. Yes lockdowns may be necessary but I think our political leaders need to keep the risk in perspective before using the lockdown trigger. The US & Uk yesterday each had 20,000 new cases and no lockdowns.The NsW approach is certainly one to keep an eye on and hopefully will not result in ever increasing numbers. I hope their approach is successful as this is far more palatable to our channel than a complete lockdown.


  2. Graeme Day

    Steve I agree,
    None of the States have or will get this thing “right” It is a “wild” virus oif unkown lkimits and it is up to the individual to take the responsibilty to look after themselves and therefore they are looking after the next person they meet.
    Govts. can only give direction as for NSW, it’s got a much better record than VIC especially when they are in control such as the isiolation cases where cases grew. Bad management there.
    Our Granduaghter(14) was to visit Aus in June last week and we put it off for review pre Christmas as the Lockdown isolation at both ends, takes too much time away form the amount of time for the visit not to mention the enormous risk with exposure.


  3. Mark Richardson

    “History has shown Victoria’s lockdowns work “ You can’t be Serious!! Over 900 Covid deaths in Victoria , daylight to the next state NSW with 54 deaths


  4. Mark Fletcher

    Yes, Mark, in federally controller privately run aged care. And the Royal Commission found, the federal government did not have a plan.


  5. Graeme Day

    Polictical bias is almost a bigger disease than State rivalry based on loyalty.
    Both put together will certainly cure COVID. Not!
    The facts are the politicians are in charge of theie territories All of them claim glory on their watch.
    Results belong to them
    The biggest let down from the Feds is the lack of vaccine available and especially the lack of Pfizer and the unwillingness of some to get vaccinated at all.


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