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If you are considering a website for your newsagency

Here is an email I sent to newsagents yesterday, announcing two free workshops, today and tomorrow, for anyone considering a website for their retail business:

Sunday update.

The email I sent yesterday (see below) resulted in a bunch of emails and phone calls from business owners keen for advice on getting online, setting up click and collect and getting people finding you online.

Thinking about the questions, I have decided to schedule two free and open Zoom meetings where we will answer all your questions. The first is tomorrow, Monday August 23 @ 2pm. Here is the link to connect:

Meeting ID: 994 9423 3308 Passcode: 708035

The next session will be Tuesday morning, August 24, at 10am. Here is the link:

Meeting ID: 932 1716 3735 Passcode: 847150

Any one is welcome to join. You don’t need to book, click on the link and show up.

I hope the sessions will be informative and offer you a pathway to getting online if that is what you want, getting more online shoppers if that is what you need or sorting out whether online is right for you, if that is where you are at.

Selling online is hard and relentless work. There are no shortcuts. But, there are decisions you can make to narrow your focus, so you can have some early learning opportunities.

Based on what we are seeing and based on the data from major retailers here, online is contributing more and more to business bottom line. What Covid has done is speed up that transition.

Oh, and if you think online is not impacting you or not being used by your shoppers, based on my experience I am sure it is. Hopefully, we can offer advice that helps you see what is next for you online.

Anyone is welcome to these sessions.

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