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Videos of 4 free workshops this week for local small business retailers on how to take your business online

Monday through Thursday this week I hosted four free workshops covering a range of topics related to creating POS software connected Shopify sites and how to drive traffic to them. The goal was to share insights and offer free advice and training for retailers looking to grow online sales.

All up, the four sessions covered close to six hours.

Here are videos of the workshops for anyone interested. If you are considering a website for your business, buyer beware. There are plenty of shonky business people in the web development space. My hope is that the four workshops share information that you find useful in navigating a path to growing your online sales.

This last session is all about writing good blog posts and how they play a key role in driving traffic.

We are grateful to the retailer who participated.

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  1. David

    Mark I did two of these this week but missed the others. Thanks for putting the videos up. I haven’t made the move to do a website yet. I found the two sessions that I went to were really useful for my planning. It was good to be able to hear what other people asked, like the discussion with the welding person. That was fascinating.

    I worry that I may have left it too late but then I realised that I have no choice because online is so important today. Anyway, thank you for doing these I got a lot out of them.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Thanks David. It’s never too late to get online. It’s important to know a couple of things though: a website is a hungry beast that will always require feeding, and, where you start if not where you will be a year or so down the track.

    I think the best advice I can give any retailer re going online is: think of it as a start-up, a clean slate for your business. The freedom that comes with that can be exciting and revealing.

    I am glad you could be part of the workshops this week.


  3. Peter

    I have to say there is helpful advice here. I have a website for my shop and had not thought of it this way, like how people search. Thanks Mark you’ve give me some useful homework.


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