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Are newsagents facing challenges accessing credits from IPS as that Australian Community Media business winds down?

Integrated Publication Solutions (IPS), is a distribution company owned by Australian Community Media (ACM). Several months ago IPS announced they are closing down. This, naturally, has resulted in newsagents wondering about credits owed them by IPS.

The challenge, I am told, is getting answers from IPS, as has been noted in comments here.

It is appalling that newsagents have to deal with decades-old and seriously under-resourced accounts offices in magazine distribution businesses – not only at IPS, but elsewhere. It costs us money, which hurts given the low margin made from magazines.

Of more serious concern is the mental health impact on some newsagents of poor accounting processes in and poor account credit related communication from magazine distribution businesses.

Australian Community Media pitches itself as locally engaged and supportive. It would be a bad look for the business if local small business newsagents are not treated with fairness and haste in the settling up of refunds owing on the closure of ACM’s IPS magazine distribution business.

The closure of IPS is challenging enough with poor practices at Wrapaway.

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  1. Peter R

    Please my earlier 3 rants at the end of “Will The Saturday Paper, best Bets and Winning Post suffer from poor data management processes at Wrapaway?”

    My last return for IPS was competed Sunday 28 1 2021 and has now been accepted by IPS so the chase for what I am owed estimate $1,000 begins late thus week.


  2. john

    Bathurst 1000 program , another magazine , with a high customer interest, disapeared into the unknown
    wilderness , of no body knows if it is available , but wait all is not lost it is available at the circuit ,
    and of course on Ebay , but not in Newsagents ??? what about all those customers who do not attend the
    circuit , but like to buy the magazine ,
    some publishers seem to have forgotten who their customers are ?


  3. Dean

    Hi John, We received 20 copies of the Bathurst 1000 program from Wrapaway on the 17th November.


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