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I am collating data for a quick benchmark study, looking at sales covering November 2021 versus November 2019.

To best understand 2021, it’s best to compare to 2019, a more stable trading period.

I need your emailed report by midnight December 2.

How to participate.

  1. Please run a Monthly Sales Comparison Report for 01/11/2021 – 30/11/2021 compared to 01/11/2019 – 30/11/2019.
  2. Tick the category box. IMPORTANT.
  3. Tick to exclude home delivery and sub agent data.
  4. DO NOT tick the supplier box.
  5. Preview the report on the screen. Save as a PDF.
  6. Email these reports direct to me at mark@towersystems.com.au.
  7. Read the report yourself and see what it shows you about your business.

I will email the results to all participating newsagents and publish the results on the Australian Newsagency Blog as a service for all newsagents.

I own and run three newsagencies. Over the years I have had three others. I own newsXpress, the newsagency marketing group.

Newsagency benchmark

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