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Helping newsagents facing tough times

Over the last week we have received calls from several newsagents surprised at the results reported in their Sales Comparison Report when preparing to enter the FAST 3 AWARDS. They have discovered that they are losing sales – while each felt sales were flat, the report showed the extent of the slump in several core departments.

We have made resources available to assist if a client business is in a sales slump, from advice to practical help. We offer these without cost. We’d start with analysing data to understand the problem – looking at the performance of newspapers, magazines greeting cards, stationery and lotteries. We’d look at the sales efficiency of the business. Finally we’d consider external factors. The result might be suggested changes in the business. It could also be hands on help. How involved we become would be entirely up to you. We don’t have all the answers. However, we get to see many newsagencies and this provides us with an insight which might help in providing advice which improves your business. We’re welcoming calls from our clients to me (0418 321 338) or our Financial Controller Cameron Lamb (03 9524 8000).

In the environmental movement they talk of the tragedy of even one old growth tree being cut down. It’s the same with newsagencies: one newsagency in trouble is one too many. We’re here to help. We’ll respect your privacy.


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