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Digital Round Table discussion at newspaper congress

Fascinating points coming from the Digital Media Round Table at the WAN 58th World Newspaper Congress in Korea yesterday. Here are some comments posted by Robb Montgomery, CEO – Visual Editors:

  • An interactive mobile news delivery scheme can grow single copy sales
  • Media consumers are becoming Digital Nomads. `they want their content, at the ready – wherever they are.
  • The mobile phone is the most frequently used content provider in Norway. Average 5 hrs of use a day – and the typical session is between three and five minutes.
  • Internet news consumers are middle-age and expect free services and content.
  • Mobile users are young and are comfortable paying for services through their handset (Currently these are mostly personalization options – ring tones, graphics, photos, e-mail. voting for ‘American Idol’ singers, et al)
  • Telcos have captured the user with the handsets – they need to partner with content providers to keep them.
  • Mobile represent a powerful new media but one that can complement newspaper reader’s lifestyles. You have them as younger readers through mobile – middle age via internet and growing older with news print.

    Read all the comments here.

    That newspaper publishers and editors are talking about these topics in such an open forum is excellent. Australia’s 4,600 independent newsagents need to be part of the conversation. Our channel was created by the publishers. We need to force a seat at the table where the future is discussed.

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