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Newspapers and podcasting

I’ve been ranting here for a while about the need for newspapers to embrace podcasting if they want to maintain and even increase the connect of their brand with consumers. Steve Outing discusses this topic in a good post today at Poynter online.

Newspaper journalists and columnists could take us beyond the page and use podcasts to build respect for the masthead. There is an opportunity for newspapers to reclaim ground as providers of trusted and respected news and analysis content and podcasting can provide a transparency and depth words on the page sometimes cannot offer.

As part of the newspaper distribution and retail channel in Australia I’d also like to see podcasts so that I may provide added value to the newspapers I sell in my shop. If I can broadcast, for example, the audio (or part) from an interview it provide more reason for people to visit my stores and others in my channel. Plus is enables browsers in my shop to hear and this cold/should lead to a sale which otherwise might not have happened that day.

We in the supply chain ought to be taking this to the publishers otherwise they might not find the opportunity on their own.


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