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Personalised news sites

Mark Fletcher
March 22nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

Mark Glaser has an excellent blog post about personalised news sites – a ‘holy grail’ of some playing online.


Category: Media disruption

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  • 1 Maxwell John Bancroft // Nov 9, 2006 at 10:15 PM

    Water Water Anywhere?

    _____Australia is not short of water, that is a myth. The bountiful rains we receive just fall in the wrong places. With the nation in crises due to the “Worst Drought Ever” I believe , It’s time for action!

    Back in the nineteen twenties it was suggested the rivers in Queensland be turned inland and the water diverted to the “Channel Country” where it would enter natural water courses assisted by gravity and flow along the stock routes following creeks and water holes until it entered the tributaries of the Darling River System.

    Queensland voices cried out “Hold on, not so fast, Hands off our Queensland Water” and Politicians ran for cover in the “Cowards Castle” in Canberra for fear they might place their seats at risk.

    Wouldn’t you think the dissenters could have considered themselves, Australians first and Queenslanders second and pitched in to help us, their fellow man.

    Perhaps those Queenslanders who have recently received assistance financial and otherwise from us (their fellow Australian tax payers) following Cyclone Larry might now consider changing their parochial thinking.

    Consider this! Can you just imagine had those Dams been built back in the nineteen twenties a goodly proportion of the recent torrential rainfall accompanying Cyclone Larry and the two that followed it, could have been stored and applied to drought relief throughout Australia. The water so stored would not have simply flowed into the sea to pollute The Great Barrier Reef. Hydroelectricity produced could have assisted us to meet our Kyoto protocol obligations.

    Please I ask you, focus on the question every Australian voter is now asking. It is: –

    Will this Federal Liberal Government commit itself to spend money on constructing New Dams, or is it only capable of talking about it, while selling off the results of foresight, by the Politicians of Yesteryear. We urgently need to put the original plan into action and turn those Queensland Rivers inland?

    Come on Canberra! For heavens sake leave a legacy of new infrastructure to benefit future generations


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