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Killing Daily Telegraph newspaper sales

NSW newsagents are reporting severe cuts to supply of the Daily Telegraph newspaper this week and lack of assistance by News Limited in getting more stock. This has seen some newsagents sell out by mid morning and no stock for the rest of the day.

The situation has left some newsagents asking whether this is a move by News to kill print newspaper sales.


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    Advertisers writing out big cheques to News Ltd would do so with the expectation that the product is widely available to consumers.


  2. SHAUN S

    get this one – i checked my sunday mail supplys on tues and was tottaly amazed that my shop supplys were set at ZERO but yet my delivery supplys where still there .I suppose they are happy as long as there direct supply papers get deliverd


  3. Max

    So glad we don’t deal with these idiots anymore.
    Every Xmas holidays our supplies were cut, with the excuse that people were going on holidays, so you won’t need as many. The problem is we ARE the holiday destination.
    I’ll say it again…IDIOTS !


  4. BruceH

    To be fair, News Ltd did send me a memo two weeks ago setting out my proposed shop supply for the holiday period. It stated that you could adjust it yourself AFTER the 22nd Dec., via iServices. I presume they did the same for everyone. When we sold out early on Wednesday, I jumped on iServices and put up my supply by a small margin for the rest of the week. Adjustment was approved and got more on Thursday.


  5. Luke

    We went 2 days last week with no supply at all, as the dist newsagent got cut back from 2000 to 500 total. Not his fault but cost us both $$$ in sales and then add on sales


  6. Paul

    The interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that while I get cut back in my CM supplies the major supermarket that I supply to doesn’t. I guess thats where the paper publishers see their future as being – as if we didnt already know.


  7. shaun s

    Paul same here woolies coles and there servos never get cut back even though they return at least 50%


  8. Peter Stewart

    im a delivery and retail customer and my supplies have been cut back. calling circulation offers no solution, rep is away.
    if tomorrow mornings are too low i will drive to the shell and buy up all of theirs…..


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