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Promoting Australian Traveller and camping titles

We have been supporting the latest issue of Australian Traveller magazine and a selection of camper and 4WD titles with this display in a pillar facing shoppers as they enter the store.

The idea here is to bring a category out from the usual location to the rear of the newsagency and show shoppers who shop the front of the business to see them.  I chose Australia Traveller as the headline title because of the cut through of the collateral and that the proposition of the title is easy to get by a browser.

Regulars here will notice that we have done several of these category specific off-location displays. They are working, achieving additional sales for us. Magazine sales are up 12% comparing the last four weeks to the same four weeks a year earlier. I think this is in part due to this off-location support.

Click on the image to see a bigger version.


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