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Why the 50% increase in supply of Picture Premium?

Despite zero (0) sales of the last two issues of Picture Premium, ACP decided we should get two more copies, a 50% increase. This does not make sense. ACP pushed to get sales data from newsagents, citing more accurate supply as a benefit. Given that we are sending back accurate sales data on time through XchangeIT it appears to me that for some titles ACP is ignoring our sales data. I can’t see any reason for the increase in supply of this title.

My assessment of the data is that we should not get the title at all. However, if we must then one or two copies.

Click on the image to see our historical data for this title.

ACP subsidiary Network Services is agressive in its handling of newsagent debt. Newsagents ought to be equally aggressive in pursuing the company over oversupply.  My experience is that it happens too much with these porn titles.

I’d like ACP to research why oversupply has happened here and for the previous title I wrote about this morning. Yes, I could have approached the company. I am writing publicly about the on behalf of myself and others who experience oversupply like this.


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  1. SHAUN S

    i do not have the current issue because it went missing (as it usually does) so i do not know if they were bagged , does yours normally come bagged like that ?


  2. Mark Fletcher

    I think so Shaun but an not 100% sure.


  3. Peter

    Mine are always bagged and we top them. It is amusing to see the Labels from previous newsagents on the free issues included in the bag.


  4. Richard

    Mark , how many did you early return?


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