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Newspaper covers up main news headline of the day

An the ad from Woolworths promoting Weet-Bix covers the main page-one headline of the day in the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper today.  Okay so AFL fans would say the story about Geelong was the main story of the day.  It wasn’t. The page one news story of the day was about sex education being provided to kids as young as five.  If the editorial team decided this was the lead, why take money from Woolworths to cover up the headline?  Nuts.

My rant about the cover-up aside – Woolworths is smart is calling the promotion a Sticky Special. This gives the mechanism for delivering the promotion greater relevance.

newspaper masthead desecration

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  1. BruceH

    The same sticker is on the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney. It’s not just a “post it” style sticker either – it is actually quite difficult to remove if you want to read the article. I’m not sure that Coles, Franklins and all the other Supermarkets will be very inpressed to sell these covers on their shelves today!!


  2. averill

    we have the same promo on the sunday mail only they advertise in the paper but forgot to put the sticker on the paper hence customers are riffling through the papers to find another one with the sticker


  3. Chatswood Chase

    my wrapping machine just loves those stickers…thick sunday paper and a sticker on top…thats it I am out


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