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Any other newsagents missing the Spectrum from The Age

I heard from a newsagent today who is missing the Spectrum part (part 2) of The Saturday Age for three quarters of his supply. There other newsagent in town received full stock – putting this newsagent at a disadvantage with will surely cost sales.

Has anyone else experienced this today? It is poor Fairfax customer service that it is not easy for newsagents to get issues like this handled on the weekend.


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  1. Bruce Campbell

    Bought The Age at Woolworths SS Leongatha is morning and only realised that Spectrum and Weekender were missing when I got home. Went and checked later at Woolworths supermarket in Leongatha and the inserts were also missing.

    Still paid $4.60 for Saturday paper.


    • ADRIAN

      The Age and the Spectrum were delivered separately with the spectrum coming on Friday to newsagents etc and we have to put them back together for sale. their reason for doing it this way is it will speed up production time for the saturday issue as there has been big problems getting papers printed on time now that they are all being done from one place. Thats Herald Sun, Age FR, Aus etc. This will be ongoing


  2. Judy Frazer

    No Spectrum in my Saturday Age (yesterday!)


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