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Coles cares less about magazines

crappycolesI took this photo of the magazine department at a suburban Melbourne Coles supermarket on Thursday afternoon. It’s messy, hard to shop and includes questionable placement.

What an appalling representation of magazines.

It is disappointing publishers let Coles get away with this.

Newsagents do a better job.


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  1. Wally

    Perhaps Coles see magazines as just a PITA (pain in the A..)with such low margins and the amount of work required. You wonder why publishers push their mags in environments like this. In doing so they do the real experts, the newsagents a disservice who in turn say to hell with them and reduce the size of their magazine section. I have just reduced my space by another 32 facings to 256 so that i can put in more plush. Better margins and no returns.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Wally I agree. Publishers should pull out of Coles based on the treatment they receive compared to what we do in newsagencies.


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