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Boar It Up Ya supports newsagents!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.41.04 pmThe publisher of Boar It Up Ya is promoting newsagents ion social media in advance of the next issue.

Local publishers who specifically support our channel ought to be applauded, supported and loved by newsagents.

The support from Boar It Up Ya deserves support from us to encourage other publishers to do this. This social media support is more valuable than points in a publisher loyalty program.


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  1. Dave Brazier

    Hi Mark and thanks for your kind words.
    Having spoken to a few newsagents of late I have a full appreciation of how tough the market place is for everyone involved.
    I recently changed distributors, back to IPS, due to being given misinformation which seen an over supply to most agencies and which resulted in a loss in potential earnings for all involved.
    After asking and pursuing the situation and how agencies work (which had never been explained properly to me in over 10 years) I have full appreciation of the processes involved.
    Long live the Australian Newsagents and the vital service they supply to the community. I’m on your side.


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