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Jigsaw puzzles respond to promotion in the newsagency

IMG_7628We have sold $3,000 worth of jigsaw puzzles in the four weeks. While this revenue number alone is terrific, that it has been achieved with a margin that is 25% above average for the range makes it even better.

Better still, many of our jigsaw sales have been to new customers for the newsagency. Our low cost Facebook advertising of jigsaw puzzles has attracted valuable new traffic.

Digging deeper into our data I saw that jigsaw customers also purchased other items, making the value of the June is Jigsaw Month promotion worth considerably more than the revenue achieved from jigsaw sales alone.

My point here is that through our buying, visual merchandising, marketing and shop floor management we can directly affect the financial performance of our business, we can grow our businesses.

Newsagents in businesses of any size can achieve excellent results by doing what we have done here – careful buying, tactical marketing and consistent in-store engagement. This is what retail is. It’s how newsagents are growing their businesses and how more can.

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  1. eric

    Mark, we just start selling these jigsaw puzzles 2 days ago and we already sold 3 while we set them up on the entrance, and people surprise newsagency sell ravenberger puzzles


  2. Barbara

    and a great product to get kids, families spending time together, rather than in front of their computer, tablet,


  3. Carol

    If I sold $3000 worth in two years I would be happy.


  4. Carol

    I just realised I didn’t need the little security thing that verify I am genuine and that allows me to post?


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