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Here is why I prefer some suppliers over others

Mark Fletcher
February 25th, 2016 · No Comments

It has been interesting comparing suppliers at the Sydney Gift Fair, those who were their at least. Here is what I like in a supplier. If you are a supplier and don’t do this, I’ll mark you down in my view:

  1. Order confirmation – written or by email immediately on placing the order. This nonsense of excuses for not confirming means it’s not an order, not really – so don’t expect me to pay a fee if I don’t proceed.
  2. Electronic invoices. Not doing this puts you in the dark ages.
  3. Being in stock. Placing an order for a merchandising story and only having half in stock is not a solution.
  4. Ideal timing. Timing that suits my floorspace allocation is always a plus and helps me maintain shop floor space commitment to a supplier.
  5. Seasonal relevance. Suppliers that help me embrace major and minor seasons get more attention.
  6. Easy claims for damage. Goods can get broken during shipping. Making me wait until I have five or six to return or until a rep comes to get the credit demonstrates a lack of respect.
  7. Fast credits. Holding off giving me credits for unsold stock when you promise sale or return turns me off you.

I could add to this list. This is my top seven. It has been on my mind this week because of experiences I had at the Sydney Gift Fair. I got to enjoy some suppliers more than others.

What I am looking for in supplier relationships that provide benefits beyond good products. I want professionalism and operational efficiency.

We have too many suppliers with old-school ways that hold retailers back.


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