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Sunday newsagency management tip: be serious about computer use

Another newsagent was hit by a ransomware attack last week. They paid $5,000 to get access to their computers again. Had they and their staff followed my suggested computer use policy they would have avoided the attach.


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  1. Neil

    $5000?! That would easily buy 5 brand new machines…
    Then it’s a few hours restore the clean backup onto them and it’s done (and you get a hardware refresh as well)

    Sounds like they didn’t have a backup system in place. Insane!


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Neil $5,000 would buy 5 cheap-ass generic computers.

    But that is not the issue here. Ransomware locks you out of your business data. Depending on how you backup, recovery can be challenging at the very least. For the ‘best’ ransomware, you need a layered backup, often going back over a month.


  3. Neil

    Of course that’s what is required if you’re serious about protecting business data.

    Better take those “hacker free zone” signs down…


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