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Why you need more than one Valentine’s Day display

Mark Fletcher
January 31st, 2018 · No Comments

Look at the store of any major retailer during a season and you will see multiple pitches for the season, no matter how small the store is.

Even in a store of 100 sq metres you will see a key season pitched in at least three locations. I have seen this in gift shops, card shops and similar.

Each placement is visually connected to the other, but different, an advancement even.

This is on my mind today as I have been talking with a newsagent who says seasonal sales are declining in their business. They do one display per season. While it is is in a good location and looks good it is only one display, there is only one opportunity for people to connect.

By having at least three displays, you reinforce the message, hopefully getting through.

It starts with a bold, signature, statement at the entrance.

This is followed by a secondary display behind, usually at a key traffic destination.

This is followed by a third display placement, at or near the counter, where you can impulse pitch.

We should be growing seasonal sales, not only in cards but gifts too. To achieve this, we have to match and better our competitors. This is why I say for this Valentine’s Day, take a look at your pro motion points in-store. Make your you have at least three, they they connect and that they give you excellent opportunities to pitch to shoppers.

It is easy to look at the declining sales for a season or a promotion and blame the economy, suppliers or other factors. The reality is, it is on us as the retailer. We are responsible for the success or otherwise. It is on us.

Valentine’s Day 2018 is a good opportunity to start. Take a look at what you have done and see how it can be improved for greater success. Ensure all team members are on board. Then, make a similar, layered, pitch on social media.

Know last year’s numbers, so you know what you have to beat this year. Involve all team members in this, in the actual number you are out to beat. Everyone in the business should be invested in achieving this.

For me, multiple displays is a key factor for success and changing the displays as the season unfolds is also important. Multiple displays combat store blindness, which is common among newsagency shoppers.

Oh, and take note, people don’t often look up. In fact, there are plenty who do not even look straight ahead.

A single display does not cut it anymore.

For context, here is how my high street newsagency promoted the recent jigsaw offer fro outside the shop to behind the counter to the counter to inside the front door. It could not be missed, and it worked a treat.


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