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New remuneration model for lottery retailers

The Lott communicated to newsagents today about work on a new remuneration model. ALNA has communicated on this too:

Dear licensed lottery outlet owner,

the Lott and ALNA including the LRA are working together on a new remuneration model 

For more than a century, Australia’s official licenced lotteries have forged a close working partnership with valued small business owners, like you, across the country.

A mark of trust 

During this time, your customers have come to know and trust your local lottery products. In Australia, State and Territory Government’s decide whether or not to issue lottery licenses. Analysis is done by each individual Government to determine the most sustainable structure, and what is in the best interest of the community before awarding lotteries licences to organisations that have a demonstrated track record of conducting lotteries in line with strict regulations and community standards.

More recently, Australians have come to appreciate how the Lott – Australia’s Official Lotteries play an important role in helping to support Australian communities with over $1.1 billion available for hospitals, schools and sporting groups. Australia’s Official Lotteries also support Australian small businesses with over $340 million in commissions paid to retailers last year.

Our shared future 

The Lott have advised their focus remains on how we can work more closely with our retail network to forge a stronger future. They understand there are concerns that need to be addressed and actions that need to be taken and that’s why the Lott are committed to working alongside our retailers and industry bodies, such as Australian Lottery & Newsagents Association (ALNA).

In conjunction with ALNA (Australia’s only ACCC authorised national lotteries industry body), we are well progressed with a comprehensive and holistic review of the remuneration received by our retailers, including commissions across retail and digital channels, fees and other future-reward mechanisms.

The Lott and ALNA are already in discussions and have our next meeting scheduled on 4 June 2018 to review and discuss a proposed new model. We look forward to seeking feedback from and keeping our retailers informed through regular updates on the progress with these key initiatives.

With the Lott’s portfolio of games continuing to grow and evolve, they see a great opportunity for our retail network to continue to share the benefits of being part of Australia’s official lotteries.

I look forward to updating you again soon. In the meantime, please continue to email membership@alna.net.au or call 02 9978 3400 to share your thoughts and questions.

Warmest regards

Adam Joy

Chief Executive Officer


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  1. Colin

    “……..including commissions across retail and digital channels, fees and other future-reward mechanisms”…….. is key phrase, no idea what it hints at


  2. PAT. E

    I think Colin the saying goes something like ,”having smoke blown up ones ass”


  3. James

    Remember when Newscorp and Fairfax went to a new fee and remuneration structure for Newspapers to benefit its valued retail and distribution partners, and the whole T2020 charade. This has a something nothing feel about it.


  4. Graeme Day

    James, do you think it’s a bit like feed the “chooks” a little at a time as long as they keep laying?
    It’s sorta we almost get in the second place after much bellowing to where we should have been in the first place.


  5. Wilson Pickett

    If we were organised as an industry we could win hands down. Imagine if EVERY lotto agent went on strike on the same day, like maybe a $100 million Powerball draw. Ah if only.


  6. Sam

    What was discussed at the meeting on June 4 ?


  7. Michael

    Was there any actual information that came out of the meeting on June 4th as mentioned in Sue van der Merwe’s letter to retailers?


  8. Ken Wilson

    Mostly out of these meetings comes. “We’ve reviewed the remuneration model and whilst we can’t alter anything at the moment, it was agreed to meet again in the future”


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