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Newsagency management tip for leveraging the Powerball $110M jackpot

Mark Fletcher
July 13th, 2019 · No Comments

Big lottery jackpots can be a challenge in that they can suck cash out of the local economy that might otherwise have been useful for spending of products in your shop. They can also be beneficial in bringing in people you have not seen before. The key is what you do with the new traffic.

Here are some ideas for leveraging big lottery jackpot traffic:

  1. Map the route. Sketch out your floor layout and mark the route most jackpot customers will travel. This shows you the areas of your shop where you need to focus, where to place impulse purchase lines.
  2. Make them walk through it. Create a fresh environment of products through which lottery shoppers to walk. This is where you pitch what you do that is different. It is crucial shoppers walking through the front part of the shop feel and see the change.
  3. Staff for it. Consider hiring extra staff to manage traffic and have someone on the floor playing with products, pricing, working with products – near the lottery counter. Give people things to look at and therefore contemplate purchasing. We know from experience that activity by staff on the shop floor drives sales.
  4. Pitch at the door. As they enter and, crucially, as they leave. Show them products they would not expect you to have in the shop. Make it easy for people to buy these products.
  5. Pitch at the counter. Stand where your lottery customers will stand. Look at what they will see. make sure your messages are clean, simple and engaging. Everything they can see should be about getting them to spend money with you.
  6. Have fun.

The value of any lottery jackpot to your business beyond lottery commission depends on what you do.


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