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Cyber Monday

With Black Friday now a settled retail event, regardless of whether we like the label in Australia, it will be interesting to see how Cyber Monday develops.

Cyber Monday began in the US in 2005. It is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. This year it is today, December 2.

In my own retail businesses I am following a US tradition of running Black Friday offers through to the end of Cyber Monday. It is lazy for sure. It also reflects lesser engagement in Australia with these events compared to the US. This approach worked well online and in-store Saturday and Sunday.

Given how much we rely on online and how global retail runs today, we have no choice but to embrace opportunities like Cyber Monday.

I get that some newsagents in regional and rural locations will say events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday do not impact them. In their town, people looking for Cyber Monday deals may not be looking in the Main Street as much as they are searching the Net. Their engagement with the day will not be seen in physical retail, unless physical retail engages with the event.


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