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People love buying The Saturday Paper

Many who purchase The Saturday Paper comment positively when purchasing. This happens rarely with other newspaper purchases. Today, I heard, thank god this paper still exists.

What I like about The Saturday Paper is it hits its mark, offering deep analysis of top news stories of the week and breaking stories dailies have missed. It is a good newspaper, always challenging.

It looks better than the fading product from Nine. The Age used to be a newspaper of record for Victoria. Not now, sadly.


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  1. Jim

    Really? I get 4 sent per week and usually send 4 back. There just aren’t enough lefties around prepared to pay $4 for a skinny paper unfortunately.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Why do people need to label others? “Lefties”. Nonsense. Curious? for sure. Interested, yes. Engaged, certainly. This is a paper for people who don’t want to be yelled at, for people who crave good research and fact based journalist, no matter how uncomfortable it is. The term lefties is silly and unwarranted.


  3. Jim

    Stop yelling muppet.


  4. Mark Fletcher

    Bless you Jim. Reasonable discourse is hard work yeah? Name calling is lazy.


  5. Peter

    It is a view point now rarely seen.


  6. Colin

    Mark I get four per week which are for customer put away for people from an adjoining territory that Newsagent refuses to carry the paper. I agreed to this so customer can collect from my shop, to date these people have purchased nothing else from me.


  7. Mark Fletcher

    Colin what people purchase depends on need and the in-store pitch.


  8. Colin

    I don’t get the christmas and new year shut down. Each year this paper disappears for several weeks. Sales momemtum suffered each time they did it. Same again this year ?


  9. Graeme Day

    Like all products newspapers or not, the purchasing public will decide it’s importance through purchase.
    I believe it will go bust long before the Nine newspapers as they both are appealling for the same market. One has already got wide coverage good support and is currently profitbale. The other is not increasing in demand and believe whilst it has focused attention, like Nation Review, National Times etc it will run out of “puff”
    Enjoy it whilst you can.


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