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Attracting new shoppers to the newsagency

Mark Fletcher
December 16th, 2019 · 1 Comment

Usual product categories attract usual shoppers. If we want new traffic we need to do this with products that reach beyond what is traditional for us.

Here is a video I made Saturday to promote Pushed, a very successful new traffic products for us.

I shot the video using my iPhone. I used iMovie to clean up the sound and freshen the colour. Then, I used a web app to lay in the text and underlay music.

The whole process took fifteen minutes. I have a video that we will use four or five times. Already,k it’s resulted in some welcome revenue.

This post is not about the content but, rather, about the process of creating the content. More newsagents should do this as contents you have created will be more meaningful and more connected to your business. This makes it more valuable to you.


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