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Victoria is beta testing what it will be like for living with corona until their is a proven vaccine

Mark Fletcher
July 4th, 2020 · 1 Comment

What has happened in Victoria this week as a result of the spike in COVID-19 cases has been a challenge. I say this as someone living in Victoria and with several businesses based in Victoria.

Whereas since march, we have all been in this together, now some postcodes are in and others are not. The tougher lockdowns in some postcodes have resulted in challenges outside those postcodes.

Major shopping centres have seen a sharp decline in shopper traffic and this is playing out at the register with sales down 50% and more from early in the week. That decline is playing well for high street retailers with most I have spoken with experiencing steady and even slightly up sales.

Jigsaw sales are up again as are other categories such as nesting.

While some in other states have made fun of Victoria, the reality is we are beta testing living with corona for the longer term. By beta testing mean we Victorians are working out how to live with this for the longer term.

The reality is that due to mixed messages from shouty media and plenty of politicians on all sides, it makes sense that people became complacent. What we have seen is that complacency is dangerous, it has consequences.

Social distancing is key. Washing hands matters. Using hand sanitiser is important. Keeping a clean and well organised shop is our responsibility. Health and safety barriers at retail counters are important. Seriousness about health is core. Discipline and commitment to these things is what life in this corona world until there is a vaccine is what matters.

From a business management perspective, we have learned that the corona lockdown months are the new normal and that we need to adapt our businesses. Some of what we have experienced these months is sticking. More businesses are adopting for the long term lockdown changes, such as working from home.

In all of these moves there are opportunities for local retailers.

The infection spike in Victoria has been a timely reminder that March through June were not a blip. No, they are experiences we in business need to leverage for all those who rely on our businesses for income and support.

The mantra from March is relevant today: be frugal, hoard cash, make safe business decisions, ensure that every person in your shop needs to be there.

If you feel disconnected with what has been happening in Victoria, know that you are one person away from experiencing this where you are.


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  • 1 Steve // Jul 7, 2020 at 5:52 PM

    Thinking of you guys down there and hope you can keep your chins up. Yes I fear you are correct Mark that we in NSW will soon be joining you. It is the 1st week of the NSW school holidays and tourist towns like ours are busier than ever. Others further south will naturally be again effected by the border closure and I feel for them. Unfortunately all our metropolitan visitors seem to think that they are immune whilst breathing in the country air. Crowding and a lack of social distancing is a real concern. Based on the numbers coming out of Victoria and the current complacency I fear that this might be worse than the 1st wave.


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