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News Corp. fails at newspaper delivery in central Queensland

Mark Fletcher
July 5th, 2020 · 3 Comments

As regional central Queensland newsagencies started to close yesterday afternoon, Saturday, some had not received their News Corp. newspapers for the day.

What a failure by News Corp.

There is no point delivering newspapers for sale after the Newsagency has closed.

What makes the News Corp. cock up worse is that some newsagencies get their papers by 7am while newsagencies 15 minutes away do not get theirs until hours later.

This is an appalling situation. What makes it work is that newsagents are finding it challenging to find anyone at News Corp. who accepts responsibility suability for the situation.

Newsagents have a right to be angry. News Corp. has stuffed this up. The changed implemented are their changes, months in the planning. No consultation., No listening to local experts.

What a mess.

What makes it worse is that News Corp. through its mismanagement is hurting small business newsagents. News Corp. It is adding to personal stress, an emotional toll, on these newsagency families and the communities they serve. Yet, no one in News Corp. is accepting responsibility.

Part of the problem appears to be News Corp.’s decision to not employ drivers. It wants people with an ABN, to be contracted. I wonder if this is a decision by the company to circumvent labour laws. If what I have heard about driving time is true, I can understand why you’d want to contract a business rather than hire someone. A 10 hour drive each day feels unsafe to me, but this is, I am told, what is being required by the company.

A newsagent colleague wrote this to a News Corp. executive, who washed their hands of responsibility in response:

What happened to all the conditions we signed up too, when we were interviewed all those years ago to be acceptable newsagents for your company.

You don’t hold yourself to the same standards.

This is not only, not acceptable to your loyal retailers, loyal customers but it is a huge health and safety risk to your contractors.

This should never have happened. This should have been sorted out before the closure of The Morning Bulletin and the closure of the Rockhampton Print site.

We are beyond angry at the appalling standard of service Newslimited is giving it’s long term retail partners, but not surprised.

News Corp. failed early on this and they have maintained their failure. It’s like they don’t care.


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  • 1 Steve // Jul 5, 2020 at 12:32 PM

    I would be looking at taking control here and forming a. Co-op to take over the Rockhampton print facility and the central Qld distribution contract. Surely would be attractive to Newscorp? In the current climate I would suggest there would be government funding to assist. Might even get interest from the former management of the Morning Bulletin to republish?


  • 2 Mark Fletcher // Jul 5, 2020 at 1:19 PM

    I would not invest one cent in any venture reliant on News Corp. in any way. The company is managing the collapse of core businesses and will always put the interests of the Murdochs first and other shareholders second. Business ‘partners’ and customers, they are at the back of the line.

    I’d be more interested in local paper start-ups. We have seen plenty over the last 3 months.


  • 3 Utam Singh // Jul 17, 2020 at 3:44 AM

    It is very disappointing to see the large bullying organisations getting away with this. While Newsagencies are being audited by them as well as Lott’s to see if fair work compliant, how can drivers be paid low wages. Wouldn’t same rules apply to them.


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