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It’s October and Westfield is yet to provide tenant Covid relief

Yes, it is a challenging time being a Westfield tenant. Despite all their noise and a truckload of paperwork, nothing. Meanwhile, experience with local small business landlords is excellent.

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  1. Garry Prince

    Here in Canberra we in two Westfields. They will not tell us what if any relief we will get Cant even find out how much our March rent will be. they keep saying they are reviewing it. How other landlord in our other 2 shops gave us rent relief from March. Not question no paperwork just gave it and in those stores, the sales are slightly up. Westfield still down one store 40% the other 35% and empty shops everywhere


  2. Mark Richardson

    Are we surprised ! maybe it’s time to apply some pressure via talk-back radio


  3. Alan

    Garry same in Westfields Miranda; just spent last 2 hours there and only seeing about 1/2 of the shops where there were about 15 “empties” – unheard of for this Westfields in its entire history even when owned by FL. I understood rent relief was compulsory based on established government criteria. Seems Scentre Group believe themselves to be a law unto themselves. Can only see more “empties” occurring at the expense of the business owners who work harder than than any Centre management!


  4. Graeme Day

    Alan, some shpping centres are acting faster than others. Westfiels are among the slowest.
    The exercise overall in total package presented, is mandatory so maybe the delay is because of their own cash flow problems (which could have been caused by purchase price in Buying Westfield now owned by Scentre Group and the under performance since) from buying and in other cases extending the footprint of Retail space such as Campbelltown.
    I wonder if you can get a pathway of “when do you think we will recieve our relief? answer.
    I tried at a major Centre run buy Viciniity and was told that “we’re getting there and we’ll let you know” that was a few months ago and I believe it has just been actioned (this is the first relief)
    Depending upon when your lease is up for renewal it may well be the best time to re-negotiate the “new lease” then again they may be more considerate as time goes by and there is evidence of more closures.
    It’s not pretty in the big centres at the moment yet there seems heaps of foot traffic (I am talking NSW Sydney) around especially Sundays this time of the year.


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