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2021 Toy Fair to be 100% digital

The Melbourne Toy Fair slated for March 2021, usually a huge event, will be 100% digital next year. It’s good to see this announcement made early, so folks can plan.

This trade show has historically been critical for setting up the year for suppliers, harvesting plenty of forward orders. It has been a perfect opportunity for retailers to learn from first-hand contact about many new products.

This news about the 2021 Toy Fair, coupled with news of redundancies in other areas of trade show world, 2021 looks like a lean year for in person trade show events.

The suppliers who have pivoted to digital trade events and interactive digital catalogues are best positioned to benefit from the uncertainty of face to face trade shows.

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  1. Colin

    Bigger question is will the “Gift Fairs” return.

    As far as Gifts go, the investments by AGHA and Reed in accessing virtual showrooms gathers apace, all suppliers have their focus on line. Gift shops are well adjusted to the new norm.

    Will the exhibitors return, and, if they do, will the punters return. Big question given the cost of attendance.


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