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A fraud alert issued by epay this afternoon

The following notice was issued with this advice: We’ve again become aware of heightened fraudulent activity across our retailer base, where fraudsters are contacting sites pretending to be epay representatives (or sometimes a product vendor, the ATO or other Government Department) and requesting that they print vouchers for predominantly cash products such as VPAY, FlexePIN, Paysafe or Neosurf and to read the PIN code over the phone to them or suggesting they need to provide payment for upgrading their terminal or service with epay – other MO’s include advising retailers they’re paying more for the transactions than they should or that there had been ‘issues’ with some products and they need to print some out to verify if it have been fixed. We’ve also had instances where a retailer was convinced that epay and/or Neosurf was closing down, so they’d been tasked with retrieving all unused vouchers (by getting them to print and read the details overs the phone) so they could be deactivated – these scammers change their story often, so past scenarios are not necessarily a good indicator of future ones.


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