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Check the grants on offer through your local council

Plenty of local councils are offering Covid related small grants to help small businesses with a range of projects. from what I have seen they are easy to get and broad in their application.

  • One newsagent applied for a $5,000 grant to replace the carpet in their shop. It was approved and the carpet goes in next week.
  • Another newsagent applied for $10,000 to install air-conditioning. They were given $7,500 and it has been installed.
  • Another newsagent applied for $5,000 to pay for the development of a website. The website goes live next week.
  • Another newsagent applied for $10,000 for automatic doors. They were given $5,000.

Many councils around Australia are engaged with grants like these. My advice is to check with your council. If they have a Covid related grant, apply – the worst thing that can happen is that they say no.


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