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Telstra Modem Model v7610 issue drags on, impacting some newsagency businesses

In December 20223 a number of newsagents reported issues accessing magazine supply electronic invoices. The issue was quickly isolated to being experienced by those with a specific model of Telstra modem. The specific problem was tracked back to having been caused by a Telstra initiated update.

Here we are in April 2024 and some newsagents continue to have problems. Most recently, it has related to the v7610 modem.

The challenge for impacted newsagents is that it an issue for Telstra to resolve, and their resolution has not been as forthcoming as it could be. Their call centra process is not geared to discussion about a problem. rather, they have a series of narrow questions and if your words are outside what they expect you can find yourself down a time-wasting rabbit hole.

XchangeIT is the newsagent partner most impacted with their magazine electronic invoices not getting through via the usual automated route. While they have a backup process, their hours are not a good fit for hours when newsagents might be doing this work. That said, their communication to newsagents on the issue has been excellent, as has their communication with newsagency software companies.


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